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       in.xfingerd - Finger to LDAP/X.500 gateway daemon

       /usr/libexec/in.xfingerd	 [-f  filterfile]  [-i] [-l] [-t templatefile]
       [-c rdncount] [-x hostname] [-b searchbase] [-p port]

       in.xfingerd is the LDAP/X.500 finger daemon.  It runs from inetd(8) and
       translates  finger queries into LDAP queries or X.500 queries via LDAP.
       It also understands UFN-style names, so fingering something  like  "tim
       howes,umich,us@hostname" will do a UFN search.

       To  arrange to have in.xfingerd started from inetd add a line like this
       to your /etc/inetd.conf(5) file, or the equivalent:

	   finger stream tcp nowait nobody /usr/libexec/in.xfingerd in.xfingerd

       For these changes to take effect with inetd, you will probably have  to
       send it it a HUP signal.	 See inetd(8) for more details.

       -f filterfile
	      Specify  an alternate filter configuration file for use with the
	      ldap_getfilter(3) facility, used by in.xfingerd.

       -i     Run in interactive mode.	With this flag in.xfingerd can be  run
	      from  a  terminal in "one shot" mode, reading the finger request
	      from standard input.  This is useful for debugging.

       -l     Disable logging of various status and errors to  the  LOG_LOCAL4
	      facility	via syslog(8).	Note that this flag turns OFF logging.
	      The default is on.

       -t templatefile
	      Specify an alternate template configuration file	for  use  with
	      the ldap_init_templates(3) facility, used by BR in.xfingerd .

       -c rdncount
	      Specify the number of DN components to show for the names and DN
	      attributes within entries matching the search.

       -x hostname
	      Specify an alternate host on which the ldap server is running.

       -p port
	      Specify an alternate port on which the ldap server is listening.

       -b searchbase
	      Specify an alternate search base for queries.

       The default values for most of the things you can specify with  options
       are configured at compile time in the include/ldapconfig.h.edit include
       file.  Also included there are various messages displayed by the finger
       daemon  when  finding no matches, encountering errors, etc.  You should
       configure ldapconfig.h.edit for your site.

       finger(1) ldap(3), ldap_getfilter(3), inetd(8),

       OpenLDAP	 is  developed	and  maintained	 by   The   OpenLDAP   Project
       (   OpenLDAP  is  derived  from University of
       Michigan LDAP 3.3 Release.

OpenLDAP 2.1.X			20 August 2000		       IN.XFINGERD(8C)

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