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ip6addrpol(1M)							ip6addrpol(1M)

ip6addrpol  -  display	and  configure the IPv6 source and destination address
selection policy table


       The command is used to display or modify the IPv6 source	 and  destina‐
       tion address selection policy table. If invoked without an argument, it
       simply displays the current policy table installed in the kernel.

       recognizes the following options and arguments to manage the policy ta‐

	      Add or update an entry in the kernel policy table.
			The  prefix  argument  is  expressed in the form of an
			IPv6 address.  IPv4 prefixes can  be  specified	 using
			the  IPv4-mapped  IPv6	address	 format. The low-order
			bits of the prefix should be set to  zero.   The  pre‐
			fixlen	argument  should  be a value from 0 to 128. If
			prefixlen is not specified, it will be set  to	64  by
			default.  The precedence and label arguments should be
			integer values in the range 0 to 999999999. The prece‐
			dence value will be used to sort destination addresses
			in the descending order of precedence. The label value
			will be used to match a particular source address pre‐
			fix with a destination address prefix.

	      Set the kernel policy table to contain only the  policy  entries
	      specified in
			the  configuration  file policyfile.  If policyfile is
			not specified, the default policy  configuration  file
			will  be  read.	  Each	entry is specified by a single
			line containing three fields: prefix/prefixlen, prece‐
			dence,	and  label.  The format of these fields is the
			same as described for the option.  The fields are sep‐
			arated	by  white  space.   Lines  beginning  with the
			pound-sign are considered comments  and	 are  ignored.
			For example, the content of this file can be:

			To  configure the equivalent of an empty policy table,
			such that all addresses are treated equally, the  con‐
			tents of this file can be set to:

			The  policy table specified in the file will be loaded
			at system startup.  If that file does  not  exist,  or
			does  not  contain any policy entries, the system will
			use the default policy table as defined in RFC 3484.

	      Delete an entry from the kernel policy table.
			The prefix and prefixlen arguments  are	 the  same  as
			described for the option.

	      Delete all the policy entries from the kernel policy table.

	      Restore the default policy table as defined
			by  RFC	 3484. Restoring the default policy table this
			way only changes the policy  table  on	the  currently
			running	 kernel,  the  change  will  not be persistent
			across reboot.

	      The use of the and options requires superuser privilege.

	       0   Zero indicates success.
	      <0>  Non-zero indicates errors.

       was developed by HP.

       RFC 3484 Default Address Selection  for	Internet  Protocol  version  6


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