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       ipfilter - enable, disable and query IPFilter module

       ipfilter [ -e ] [ -d ] [ -q ]

       The  ipfilter command is used for enabling, disabling, and querying the
       status of the IPFilter module. By default, when a  machine  is  freshly
       installed, the IPFilter module is in disabled state. Using the ipfilter
       command, the IPFilter module can be enabled or disabled.	 Once  enabled
       or disabled, the state will be retained across reboots.

       -e     Enables the IPFilter module

       -d     Disables the IPFilter module

       -q     Displays whether the IPFilter module is enabled or disabled

       Before  removal	of  the	 IPFilter package using swremove, the IPFilter
       module must be disabled.

       HP recommends that you enable or	 disable  IPFilter  when  interrupting
       network	connectivity is not disruptive.	 HP recommends that you do not
       enable or disable HP-UX IPFilter when critical network applications are
       running.	  Enabling  or	disabling  IPFilter briefly brings down all IP
       interfaces on the system, then brings up only the IP interfaces configā€
       ured  in the /etc/rc.config.d/netconf and /etc/rc.config.d/netconf-ipv6
       files. IP addresses not configured in the netconf or netconf-ipv6 file,
       such as Serviceguard relocatable IP addresses, are not re-enabled.

       ipftest(1M), mkfilters(1M), ipl(7), ipf(4), ipfstat(1M), ipmon(1M)

       Use the following to remove IPFilter:
	   ipfilter -d

	   swremove IPFilter

       Needs to be run as privileged user to execute this command.

       IPFilter	 was  originally developed by Darren Reed. This HP-UX enhanced
       version of IPFilter is based on the open source version 3.5 Alpha 5.


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