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FPCLASSIFY(3)		 BSD Library Functions Manual		 FPCLASSIFY(3)

     fpclassify, isfinite, isinf, isnan, isnormal — classify a floating-point

     Math Library (libm, -lm)

     #include <math.h>

     fpclassify(real-floating x);

     isfinite(real-floating x);

     isinf(real-floating x);

     isnan(real-floating x);

     isnormal(real-floating x);

     The fpclassify() macro takes an argument of x and returns one of the fol‐
     lowing manifest constants.

     FP_INFINITE   Indicates that x is an infinite number.

     FP_NAN	   Indicates that x is not a number (NaN).

     FP_NORMAL	   Indicates that x is a normalized number.

     FP_SUBNORMAL  Indicates that x is a denormalized number.

     FP_ZERO	   Indicates that x is zero (0 or -0).

     The isfinite() macro returns a non-zero value if and only if its argument
     has a finite (zero, subnormal, or normal) value.  The isinf(), isnan(),
     and isnormal() macros return non-zero if and only if x is an infinity,
     NaN, or a non-zero normalized number, respectively.

     The symbol isnanf() is provided as an alias to isnan() for compatibility,
     and its use is deprecated.	 Similarly, finite() and finitef() are depre‐
     cated versions of isfinite().

     isgreater(3), math(3), signbit(3)

     The fpclassify(), isfinite(), isinf(), isnan(), and isnormal() macros
     conform to ISO/IEC 9899:1999 (“ISO C99”).

     The fpclassify(), isfinite(), isinf(), isnan(), and isnormal() macros
     were added in FreeBSD 5.1.	 3BSD introduced isinf() and isnan() func‐
     tions, which accepted double arguments; these have been superseded by the
     macros described above.

BSD			       January 26, 2005				   BSD

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