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itemap(1M)							    itemap(1M)

       itemap - load an ITE (Internal Terminal Emulator) keyboard mapping.


       The command loads a keyboard mapping into the ITE (the graphics console
       driver), or displays ITE keyboard mappings.  is run  by	automatically.
       It is not usually explicitly invoked by the user.

	 Dump a keymap to standard output in hexadecimal notation.

	 Load the specified keymap into the kernel mapping table
			used for keyboards.

	 Interactively prompt for a
			keyboard  mapping.  scans the keymap database
			file for all mapping names beginning  with  a
			prefix.	  Each	of  these names is displayed,
			and one must be selected.

	 The name of the keymap database file to be used for input.
			The default is

	 Load the appropriate keymap.
			scans the hardware for a keyboard, determines
			the  language of that keyboard, and loads the
			keymap corresponding to that keyboard.

			Because cannot determine the language of key‐
			boards,	 use  the option when using with key‐

	 Load a specified keyboard map.
			Once loaded, ITE uses the  specified

			When loading a keyboard mapping with
			the option, matches  the  suffix  of
			the  name  of the specified keyboard
			mapping	 with  those  found  in	  to
			determine   the	 keyboard  language.
			This information is used by the	 ITE
			to  perform  ISO  7-to-8 bit conver‐
			sion.  Keymap names added by  users,

			should	use  the  same	suffixes  as
			those already used in For example, a
			French keyboard mapping can be named
			for consistency	 with  existing	 and
			mappings.   A  mapping	called would
			not match any suffix patterns  found
			by   itemap,  and  would  result  in
			incorrect ISO 7-to-8 bit conversion.

	 Load the specified keymap into the  kernel  mapping
			used for keyboards.

	 Perform actions verbosely.

	 If a keymap for a
			keyboard  is  loaded, write its name
			to file_name.

       To automatically install the correct mapping  for  an

       To explicitly load the mapping for an keyboard:

       To explicitly load the mapping for a keyboard:

       To interactively choose a keyboard mapping:

       To  generate  a	list  of the available keyboard map‐

       Keymap database editor
       System keymap database
       Contains mapping name configured for    keyboards

       ps2(7), termio(7), keymap_ed(1X111).


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