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KPARTX(8)		 Linux Administrator's Manual		     KPARTX(8)

       kpartx - Create device maps from partition tables

       kpartx [-a | -d | -l] [-v] wholedisk

       This  tool,  derived  from util-linux' partx, reads partition tables on
       specified device	 and  create  device  maps  over  partitions  segments
       detected. It is called from hotplug upon device maps creation and dele‐

       -a     Add partition mappings

       -r     Read-only partition mappings

       -d     Delete partition mappings

       -l     List partition mappings that would be added -a

       -p     set device name-partition number delimiter

       -g     force GUID partition table (GPT)

       -v     Operate verbosely

       To mount all the partitions in a raw disk image:

	      kpartx -av disk.img

       This will output lines such as:

	      loop3p1 : 0 20964762 /dev/loop3 63

       The loop3p1 is the name of a device file under  /dev/mapper  which  you
       can use to access the partition, for example to fsck it:

	      fsck /dev/mapper/loop3p1

       When you're done, you need to remove the devices:

	      kpartx -d disk.img

       multipath(8) multipathd(8) hotplug(8)

       This  man  page	was  assembled	By  Patrick  Caulfield	for the Debian
       project. From documentation provided by the multipath author Christophe
       Varoqui, <> and others.

				   July 2006			     KPARTX(8)

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