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L2TEST(1)							     L2TEST(1)

       l2test - L2CAP testing


       l2test is L2CAP testing program.

       l2test <mode> [options] [bdaddr]

	 -r listen and receive
	 -w listen and send
	 -d listen and dump incoming data
	 -x listen, then send, then dump incoming data
	 -s connect and send
	 -u connect and receive
	 -n connect and be silent
	 -y connect, then send, then dump incoming data
	 -c connect, disconnect, connect, ...
	 -m multiple connects
	 -p trigger dedicated bonding
	 -z information request

	 [-b bytes] [-i device] [-P psm] [-J cid]
	 [-I imtu] [-O omtu]
	 [-L seconds] enable SO_LINGER
	 [-W seconds] enable deferred setup
	 [-B filename] use data packets from file
	 [-N num] send num frames (default = infinite)
	 [-C num] send num frames before delay (default = 1)
	 [-D milliseconds] delay after sending num frames (default = 0)
	 [-X mode] select retransmission/flow-control mode
	 [-Q num] Max Transmit value (default = 3)
	 [-Z size] Transmission Window size (default = 63)
	 [-F fcs] use CRC16 check (default = 1)
	 [-R] reliable mode
	 [-G] use connectionless channel (datagram)
	 [-U] use sock stream
	 [-A] request authentication
	 [-E] request encryption
	 [-S] secure connection
	 [-M] become master
	 [-T] enable timestamps

       This   manual   page   was   written   by   Nobuhiro   Iwamatsu	 <iwa‐
       matsu@debian.org>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used  by

				 January 2012			     L2TEST(1)

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