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lappend(n)		     Tcl Built-In Commands		    lappend(n)


       lappend - Append list elements onto a variable

       lappend varName ?value value value ...?

       This command treats the variable given by varName as a list and appends
       each of the value arguments to that list as a  separate	element,  with
       spaces between elements.	 If varName does not exist, it is created as a
       list with elements given by the value arguments.	 Lappend is similar to
       append except that the values are appended as list elements rather than
       raw text.  This command provides a relatively efficient way to build up
       large  lists.   For example, “lappend a $b” is much more efficient than
       “set a [concat $a [list $b]]” when $a is long.

       Using lappend to build up a list of numbers.
	      % set var 1
	      % lappend var 2
	      1 2
	      % lappend var 3 4 5
	      1 2 3 4 5

       list(n),	 lindex(n),   linsert(n),   llength(n),	  lset(n),   lsort(n),

       append, element, list, variable

Tcl								    lappend(n)

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