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LDIF(5)								       LDIF(5)

       ldif - LDAP Data Interchange Format

       The  LDAP  Data	Interchange  Format  (LDIF)  is used to represent LDAP
       entries in text form. LDAP tools, such as ldapadd(1) and ldapsearch(1),
       read and write LDIF.

       The basic form of an LDIF entry is:

	    dn: <distinguished name>
	    <attrdesc>: <attrvalue>
	    <attrdesc>: <attrvalue>
	    <attrdesc>:: <base64-encoded-value>
	    <attrdesc>:< <URL>

       The  value may be specified as UTF-8 text or as base64 encoded data, or
       a URI may be provided to the location of the attribute value.

       A line may be continued by starting the next line with a	 single	 space
       or tab, e.g.,

	    dn: cn=Barbara J Jensen,dc=exam

       Lines beginning with a sharpe sign ('#') are ignored.

       Multiple attribute values are specified on separate lines, e.g.,

	    cn: Barbara J Jensen
	    cn: Babs Jensen

       If  an  value contains a non-printing character, or begins with a space
       or a colon ':', the <attrtype> is followed by a double  colon  and  the
       value  is  encoded in base 64 notation. e.g., the value " begins with a
       space" would be encoded like this:

	    cn:: IGJlZ2lucyB3aXRoIGEgc3BhY2U=

       If the attribute value is located in a file, the <attrtype> is followed
       by  a  ':<'  and	 a  file:  URI.	 e.g., the value contained in the file
       /tmp/value would be listed like this:

	    cn:< file:///tmp/value
       Other URI schemes (ftp,http) may be supported as well.

       Multiple entries within the same	 LDIF  file  are  separated  by	 blank

       Here is an example of an LDIF file containing three entries.

	    dn: cn=Barbara J Jensen,dc=example,dc=com
	    cn: Barbara J Jensen
	    cn: Babs Jensen
	    objectclass: person
	    description:< file://tmp/babs
	    sn: Jensen

	    dn: cn=Bjorn J Jensen,dc=example,dc=com
	    cn: Bjorn J Jensen
	    cn: Bjorn Jensen
	    objectclass: person
	    sn: Jensen

	    dn: cn=Jennifer J Jensen,dc=example,dc=com
	    cn: Jennifer J Jensen
	    cn: Jennifer Jensen
	    objectclass: person
	    sn: Jensen

       Notice  that  the  description  in  Barbara Jensen's entry is read from
       file://tmp/babs and the jpegPhoto in Jennifer Jensen's entry is encoded
       using base 64.

       ldap(3), ldapsearch(1), ldapadd(1).

       "LDAP Data Interchange Format," Good, G., RFC 2849.

       OpenLDAP	  is   developed   and	maintained  by	The  OpenLDAP  Project
       (http://www.openldap.org/).  OpenLDAP is	 derived  from	University  of
       Michigan LDAP 3.3 Release.

OpenLDAP 2.1.X			  RELEASEDATE			       LDIF(5)

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