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MAN(6)									MAN(6)

       man - macros to typeset manual

       nroff -man file ...

       troff -man file ...

       These macros are used to format pages of this manual.

       Except in and requests, any text argument denoted t in the request sum‐
       mary may be zero to six words.  Quotes " ... " may be used  to  include
       blanks in a `word'.  If t is empty, the special treatment is applied to
       the next text input line (the next line that doesn't begin  with	 dot).
       In  this	 way,  for example, .I may be used to italicize a line of more
       than 6 words, or .SM followed by .B to make  small  letters  in	`bold'

       A  prevailing indent distance is remembered between successive indented
       paragraphs, and is reset to default value upon reaching a  non-indented
       paragraph.  Default units for indents i are ens.

       The fonts are

       R      roman, the main font, preferred for diagnostics
       I      italic, preferred for parameters, short names of commands, names
	      of manual pages, and naked function names
       `bold', actually the constant width font,
	      preferred for  examples,	file  names,  declarations,  keywords,
	      names of struct members, and literals (numbers are rarely liter‐
       L      also the constant width font.  In troff L=B; in nroff  arguments
	      of  the macros .L, .LR, and .RL are printed in quotes; preferred
	      only where quotes really	help  (e.g.  lower-case	 literals  and

       Type  font  and size are reset to default values before each paragraph,
       and after processing font- or size-setting macros.

       The -man macros admit equations and tables in the style of  eqn(1)  and
       tbl(1), but do not support arguments on .EQ and .TS macros.

       These strings are predefined by -man:

       \*R    `(Reg)', trademark symbol in troff.
       \*S    Change to default type size.


       troff(1), man(1)

			 Request   Cause If		     no	   Explanation
				   Break Argument			    .B
			 t	no    t=n.t.l.*Text    t   is	`bold'.	   .BI
			 t     no    t=n.t.l. Join words of t alternating bold
			 and italic.  .BR t	no    t=n.t.l. Join words of t
			 alternating	     bold	   and		Roman.
			 .DT	   no		  Restore     default	 tabs.
			 .EE	   yes		  End	 displayed     example
			 .EX	   yes		  Begin	 displayed example .HP
			 i     yes   i=p.i.*  Set  prevailing  indent  to   i.
			 Begin	  paragraph    with    hanging	 indent.    .I
			 t	no    t=n.t.l. Text   t	  is   italic.	   .IB
			 t     no    t=n.t.l. Join   words  of	t  alternating
			 italic and bold.  .IP	x  i   yes   x=""     Same  as
			 .TP  with tag x.  .IR t     no	   t=n.t.l. Join words
			 of   t	  alternating	italic	  and	 Roman.	    .L
			 t	no    t=n.t.l. Text	 t     is     literal.
			 .LP	   yes		  Same	  as	 .PP.	   .LR
			 t     no	      Join  2  words  of t alternating
			 literal and Roman.   .PD  d	 no    d=.4v	Inter‐
			 paragraph	     distance		is	    d.
			 .PP	   yes		  Begin paragraph.   Set  pre‐
			 vailing	  indent	  to	      default.
			 .RE	   yes		  End of relative indent.  Set
			 prevailing  indent  to	 amount	 of starting .RS.  .RI
			 t     no    t=n.t.l. Join  words  of  t   alternating
			 Roman and italic.  .RL t     no	     Join 2 or
			 3 words of t  alternating  Roman  and	literal.   .RS
			 i     yes   i=p.i.   Start relative indent, move left
			 margin in  distance  i.   Set	prevailing  indent  to
			 default       for	nested	    indents.	   .SH
			 t     yes   t=""     Subhead;	reset  paragraph  dis‐
			 tance.	  .SM  t     no	   t=n.t.l. Text  t  is small.
			 .SS   t   no	 t=""	  Secondary   subhead.	   .TF
			 s     yes	      Prevailing  indent  is  wide  as
			 string s in font L; paragraph distance is 0.  .TH n c
			 x yes		  Begin	 page  named n of chapter c; x
			 is extra commentary, e.g.  `local',  for  page	 head.
			 Set  prevailing  indent  and  tabs  to	 default.  .TP
			 i     yes   i=p.i.   Set  prevailing  indent  to   i.
			 Restore  default indent if i=0.  Begin indented para‐
			 graph with hanging tag given by next text  line.   If
			 tag   doesn't	 fit,	place  it  on  separate	 line.
			 .1C	   yes		  Equalize columns and	return
			 to   1-column	output	.2C	  yes		 Start
			 2-column nofill output

       * n.t.l. = next text line; p.i. = prevailing indent

       There's no way to fool troff into handling literal double quote marks "
       in font-alternation macros, such as
       There  is  no  direct way to suppress column widows in 2-column output;
       the column lengths may be adjusted by  inserting	 requests  before  the

                             _         _         _ 
                            | |       | |       | |     
                            | |       | |       | |     
                         __ | | __ __ | | __ __ | | __  
                         \ \| |/ / \ \| |/ / \ \| |/ /  
                          \ \ / /   \ \ / /   \ \ / /   
                           \   /     \   /     \   /    
                            \_/       \_/       \_/ 
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