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     MASM(CP)		      XENIX System V		      MASM(CP)

	  masm - Invokes the XENIX assembler.

	  masm [options] sourcefile

	  masm	is the XENIX 8086/286/386 assembler.  It reads and
	  assembles 8086/80286/80386 assembly language instructions
	  from the source file named sourcefile.  It then creates a
	  linkable object file name sourcefile.o, or an executable
	  program named a.out.

	  The extension .s is recommended but not required. If this
	  extension is not given, masm displays a warning and
	  continues processing.

	  There are the following options:

	  - a  This options puts the assembled output segments in
	       alphabetic order before copying them to the object

	  - c  Outputs cross reference data for each assembled file to

	  - C  Outputs cross reference data for a set of assembled
	       file.  The cross reference data is written to files
	       with the same names as the input files, with the
	       filename extension ``.erf.''

	  - d  Adds a pass 1 listing to the assembly listing file

	  - Dsym
	       Defines the symbol appended to the -D flag as a null

	  - e  Generates floating point code to emulate the 8087 or
	       287 coprocessor.	 Programs created with this option
	       must be linked with an appropriate math library before
	       being executed.

	  - Ipath
	       Defines the path appended to the -I flag as the search
	       path for include files.	Up to 10 include paths are
	       allowed in one invocation of masm.

	  - l[listfile]
	       Creates an assembly listing file with the same basename
	       as the sourcefile or, if the listfile parameter is
	       given, with that name but with a ".lst" extension. The

     Page 1					      (printed 8/7/87)

     MASM(CP)		      XENIX System V		      MASM(CP)

	       file lists the source instructions, the assembled
	       (binary code) for each instruction and any assembly
	       errors.	If filename is ``-,'' the listing is written
	       to stdout.

	  - Mx This option directs masm to preserve lower case letters
	       in public and external names only when copying these
	       names to the object file. For all other purposes, masm
	       converts the lower case to upper case.

	  - Mu Disables case sensitivity. Upper case is now treated as
	       identical to lower case.

	  - Ml Leave case of symbols alone.

	  - n  This option generates information about the symbols
	       used in the assembled programs.	The -l option must
	       also be used for this option to take effect.

	  - oobjfile
	       Copies the assembled instructions in octal to the file
	       named objfile. This file is executable only if no
	       errors occurred during the assembly. This option
	       overrides the default object file name.

	  - Oobjfile
	       Copies the assembled instructions in binary to the file
	       named objfile.

	  - r  Generates floating point code that can only be executed
	       by an 8087 or 287 coprocessor.

	  - v  Prints verbose error statistics on console.  If not
	       selected, only error counts are displayed.

	  - x  displays error messages on the standard error channel,
	       in addition to the messages generated in the listing

	  - X  Copies to the assembly listing all statements forming
	       thef body of an IF directive whose expression (or
	       condition) evaluates to false.


     See Also
	  a.out(F), cc(CP), ld(CP)
	  Macro Assembler User's Guide

	  The default options are -Ml and -e which enable case

     Page 2					      (printed 8/7/87)

     MASM(CP)		      XENIX System V		      MASM(CP)

	  sensitivity and allow emulation of a floating point
	  processor.  The options are flags with the following default

	  Flag	      Default	       Meaning of TRUE condition

	      a	      FALSE	       Outputs segments alphabetically
	      c	      FALSE	       Outputs cross reference data
	      C	      FALSE	       Outputs cross reference data
	      d	      FALSE	       Adds pass 1 listing to filename.lst
	    Dsym      NULL	       No meaning if not defined
	      e	      FALSE	       Floating Point emulation
	   I path     NULL	       No meaning if not defined
	  llistfile   sourcefile.lst   Sourcefile is the default filename
	      M	      l		       Leave symbol case alone
	      n	      TRUE	       Outputs symbols if -l selected
	      o	      TRUE	       Assembled output in binary
	      O	      FALSE	       Assembled output in octal
	      r	      TRUE	       Real 8087 instead of emulated format
	      v	      FALSE	       Prints verbose error statistics
	      x	      TRUE	       Displays errors on console
	      X	      FALSE	       Toggle setting of conditional flag

     Return Value
	  The masm exit codes have the following meanings:

	       Code Meaning

		    0	      No error
		    1	      Argument error
		    2	      Unable to open input file
		    3	      Unable to open listing file
		    4	      Unable to open object file
		    5	      Unable to open cross reference file
		    6	      Unable to open include file
		    7	      Assembly errors.	If fatal, the object
				file is deleted.
		    8	      Memory allocation error
		    9	      Real number input not allowed
				in this version.

     Page 3					      (printed 8/7/87)

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