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NEWUSER(8)							    NEWUSER(8)

       newuser - adding a new user


       To  establish  a new user on Plan 9, add the user to /adm/users by run‐
       ning the uname command on the console of the file server (see  users(6)
       and   fossilcons(8)).	Next,	give   the   user   a  password	 using
       auth/changeuser on  the	console	 of  the  authentication  server  (see
       auth(8)).   At  this point, the user can bootstrap a terminal using the
       new name and password.  The terminal will only get as  far  as  running
       rc, however, as no profile exists for the user.

       The  rc(1) script /sys/lib/newuser sets up a sensible environment for a
       new user of Plan 9.  Once the terminal is running rc, type


       to   build   the	  necessary   directories   in	 /usr/$user,	create
       /mail/box/$user/mbox, /cron/$user/cron, a reasonable initial profile in
       /usr/$user/lib/profile and plumbing  rules  in  /usr/$user/lib/plumbing
       (see  plumber(4)).  The script then runs the profile which, as its last
       step, brings up rio(1).	At this point the user's environment is estab‐
       lished  and  running.  (There is no need to reboot.)  It may be prudent
       at this point to run passwd(1) to change the password, depending on how
       the initial password was chosen.

       The profile built by /sys/lib/newuser looks like this:

	      bind -a $home/bin/rc /bin
	      bind -a $home/bin/$cputype /bin
	      bind -c tmp /tmp
	      font = /lib/font/bit/pelm/euro.9.font
	      case terminal
		   echo -n accelerated > '#m/mousectl'
		   echo -n 'res 3' > '#m/mousectl'
		   prompt=('term% ' '  ')
		   fn term%{ $* }
		   exec rio
	      case cpu
		   if (test -e /mnt/term/mnt/wsys) {
			# rio already running
			wsys = /mnt/term^`{cat /mnt/term/env/wsys}
			bind -a /mnt/term/mnt/wsys /dev
			echo -n $sysname > /dev/label
		   bind /mnt/term/dev/cons /dev/cons
		   bind /mnt/term/dev/consctl /dev/consctl
		   bind -a /mnt/term/dev /dev
		   prompt=('cpu% ' '   ')
		   fn cpu%{ $* }
		   if (! test -e /mnt/term/mnt/wsys) {
			# cpu call from drawterm
			exec rio
	      case con
		   prompt=('cpu% ' '   ')

       Sites  may make changes to /sys/lib/newuser that reflect the properties
       of the local environment.

       passwd(1), rio(1), namespace(4), fossil(4), users(6), auth(8),  fossil‐

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