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       nfsserver, portmapper, pcnfsd - NFS service

       aux/nfsserver [ rpc-options...  ] [ nfs-options...  ]
       aux/pcnfsd [ rpc-options...  ]
       aux/portmapper [ rpc-options...	]

       These  programs collectively provide NFS access to Plan 9 file servers.
       Nfsserver, pcnfsd, and portmapper run on	 a  Plan  9  CPU  server,  and
       should be started in that order.	 All users on client machines have the
       access privileges of the Plan 9 user Currently only NFS	version	 2  is

       The rpc-options are all intended for debugging:

       -r	Reject:	 answer all RPC requests by returning the AUTH_TOOWEAK

       -v	Verbose: show  all  RPC	 calls	and  internal  program	state,
		including  9P  messages.   (In any case, the program creates a
		file /srv/ where name is that of the program; echoing
		or into this file sets or clears the -v flag dynamically.)

       -D	Debug: show all RPC messages (at a lower level than -v).  This
		flag may be repeated to get more detail.

       -C	Turn off caching: do not answer RPC  requests  using  the  RPC
		reply cache.

       The nfs-options are:

       -a addr	Set up NFS service for the 9P server at network address addr.

       -f file	Set  up	 NFS  service  for the 9P server at file (typically an
		entry in /srv).

       -n	Do not allow per-user authentication (default and mandatory).

       -c file	File contains the uid/gid map configuration.  It  is  read  at
		startup	 and  subsequently  every  hour	 (or if is echoed into
		/srv/  Blank lines or lines beginning with are
		ignored; lines beginning with are executed as commands; other‐
		wise lines contain four fields separated  by  white  space:  a
		regular	 expression (in the notation of regexp(6)) for a class
		of servers, a regular expression for a	class  of  clients,  a
		file of user id's (in the format of a Unix password file), and
		a file of group id's (same format).

       -s	Expect a network connection on file descriptor	1  instead  of
		listening for incoming calls.

       -t	Listen for incoming TCP calls, rather than UDP calls.

       NFS  clients must be in the Plan 9 /lib/ndb database.  The machine name
       is deduced from the IP address via ndb/query.  The machine name	speci‐
       fied in the NFS Unix credentials is completely ignored.

       Pcnfsd  is  a  toy program that authorizes PC-NFS clients.  All clients
       are mapped to uid=1, gid=1 (daemon on most systems) regardless of  name
       or password.

       A simple /lib/ndb/nfs might contain:

       !9fs tcp!ivy
       .+  [^.]+\.cvrd\.hall\.edu  /n/ivy/etc/passwd  /n/ivy/etc/group

       A typical entry in /rc/bin/cpurc might be:

       aux/nfsserver -a tcp!pie -a tcp!yoshimi -c /lib/ndb/nfs

       Assuming	 the  CPU  server's name is eduardo, the mount commands on the
       client would be:

       /etc/mount -o soft,intr eduardo:pie /n/pie
       /etc/mount -o soft,intr eduardo:yoshimi /n/yoshimi

       Note that a single instance of nfsserver may provide access to  several
       9P servers.

	      List of uid/gid maps.

	      Log file.


       It  would be nice to provide authentication for users, but Unix systems
       provide too low a level of security to be trusted in a Plan 9 world.

       RFC1057, RPC: Remote Procedure Call Protocol Specification, Version  2,
       describes Sun's RPC protocol.
       RFC1094, NFS: Network File System Protocol Specification, describes NFS
       version 2.
       RFC1813, NFS Version 3 Protocol Specification.
       RFC3530, Network File System (NFS) version 4 Protocol.

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