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NG_FRAME_RELAY(4)	 BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual	     NG_FRAME_RELAY(4)

     ng_frame_relay — frame relay netgraph node type

     #include <netgraph/ng_frame_relay.h>

     The frame_relay node type performs encapsulation, de-encapsulation, and
     multiplexing of packets using the frame relay protocol.  It supports up
     to 1024 DLCI's.  The LMI protocol is handled by a separate node type (see

     The downstream hook should be connected to the synchronous line, i.e.,
     the switch.  Then hooks dlci0, dlci1, through dlci1023 are available to
     connect to each of the DLCI channels.

     This node type supports the following hooks:

	     The connection to the synchronous line.

     dlciX   Here X is a decimal number from 0 to 1023.	 This hook corresponds
	     to the DLCI X frame relay virtual channel.

     This node type supports only the generic control messages.

     This node shuts down upon receipt of a NGM_SHUTDOWN control message, or
     when all hooks have been disconnected.

     netgraph(4), ng_lmi(4), ngctl(8)

     The ng_frame_relay node type was implemented in FreeBSD 4.0.

     Julian Elischer ⟨⟩

     Technically, frames on DLCI X should not be transmitted to the switch
     until the LMI protocol entity on both ends has configured DLCI X as
     active.  The ng_frame_relay node type ignores this restriction, and will
     always pass data received on a DLCI hook to downstream.  Instead, it
     should query the LMI node first.

BSD			       January 19, 1999				   BSD

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