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PMCCONTROL(8)		  BSD System Manager's Manual		 PMCCONTROL(8)

     pmccontrol — control hardware performance monitoring counters

     pmccontrol [-c cpu | -d pmc | -e pmc] ...
     pmccontrol -l
     pmccontrol -L
     pmccontrol -s

     The pmccontrol utility controls the operation of the system's hardware
     performance monitoring counters.

     The pmccontrol utility processes options in command line order, so later
     options modify the effect of earlier ones.	 The following options are

     -c cpu  Subsequent enable and disable options affect the CPU denoted by
	     argument cpu.  The argument cpu is a number denoting a CPU in the
	     system, or “*”, denoting all unhalted CPUs in the system.

     -d pmc  Disable PMC number pmc on the CPU specified by -c, preventing it
	     from being used till subsequently re-enabled.  The argument pmc
	     is a number denoting a specific PMC, or “*” denoting all the PMCs
	     on the specified CPU.

	     Only idle PMCs may be disabled.

     -e pmc  Enable PMC number pmc, on the CPU specified by -c, allowing it to
	     be used in the future.  The argument pmc is a number denoting a
	     specific PMC, or “*” denoting all the PMCs on the specified CPU.
	     If PMC pmc is already enabled, this option has no effect.

     -l	     List available hardware performance counters and their current

     -L	     List available hardware performance counter classes and their
	     supported event names.

     -s	     Print driver statistics maintained by hwpmc(4).

     To disable all PMCs on all CPUs, use the command:
	   pmccontrol -d*

     To enable all PMCs on all CPUs, use:
	   pmccontrol -e*

     To disable PMCs 0 and 1 on CPU 2, use:
	   pmccontrol -c2 -d0 -d1

     To disable PMC 0 of CPU 0 only, and enable all other PMCS on all other
     CPUs, use:
	   pmccontrol -c* -e* -c0 -d0

     The pmccontrol utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs.

     pmc(3), pmclog(3), hwpmc(4), pmcstat(8), sysctl(8)

     The pmccontrol utility first appeared in FreeBSD 6.0.

     Joseph Koshy ⟨⟩

BSD			       November 9, 2008				   BSD

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