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PVCHANGE(8)							   PVCHANGE(8)

       pvchange - change attributes of a physical volume

       pvchange	   [--addtag   Tag]   [-A|--autobackup	 {y|n}]	  [-d|--debug]
       [-f|--force] [--deltag  Tag]  [--metadataignore	{y|n}]	[-h|-?|--help]
       [-t|--test]    [-v|--verbose]   [-a|--all]   [-x|--allocatable	{y|n}]
       [-u|--uuid] [PhysicalVolumePath...]

       pvchange allows you to change the allocation permissions of one or more
       physical volumes.

       See lvm(8) for common options.

       -a, --all
	      If  PhysicalVolumePath  is not specified on the command line all
	      physical volumes are searched for and used.

       --metadataignore {y|n}
	      Ignore or un-ignore metadata areas on this physical volume.   If
	      metadata	areas  on  a physical volume are ignored, LVM will not
	      not store metadata in the metadata areas present on this	Physi‐
	      cal Volume.

       -u, --uuid
	      Generate new random UUID for specified physical volumes.

       -x, --allocatable {y|n}
	      Enable  or disable allocation of physical extents on this physi‐
	      cal volume.

       Disallows the allocation of physical extents on	this  physical	volume
       (possibly  because  of disk errors, or because it will be removed after
       freeing it:

       pvchange -x n /dev/sdk1

       lvm(8), pvcreate(8)

Sistina Software UK   LVM TOOLS 2.02.106(2) (2014-04-10)	   PVCHANGE(8)

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