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SNMPTRAP(1)			   Net-SNMP			   SNMPTRAP(1)

       snmptrap, snmpinform - sends an SNMP notification to a manager

       snmptrap	 -v 1 [COMMON OPTIONS] AGENT enterprise-oid agent generic-trap
       specific-trap uptime [OID TYPE VALUE]...

       snmptrap -v [2c|3] [COMMON OPTIONS] [-Ci] AGENT	uptime	trap-oid  [OID
       TYPE VALUE]...

       snmpinform  -v  [2c|3] [COMMON OPTIONS] AGENT uptime trap-oid [OID TYPE

       snmptrap is an SNMP application that uses the SNMP  TRAP	 operation  to
       send  information to a network manager.	One or more object identifiers
       (OIDs) can be given as arguments on the command line.   A  type	and  a
       value  must  accompany  each  object identifier.	 Each variable name is
       given in the format specified in variables(5).

       When invoked as snmpinform, or when -Ci is added to  the	 command  line
       flags  of  snmptrap,  it sends an INFORM-PDU, expecting a response from
       the trap receiver, retransmitting if required.  Otherwise it  sends  an
       TRAP-PDU or TRAP2-PDU.

       If any of the required version 1 parameters, enterprise-oid, agent, and
       uptime are specified as empty, it defaults to (enterÔÇÉ
       prises.cmu.1.1), hostname, and host-uptime respectively.

       The TYPE is a single character, one of:
	      i	 INTEGER
	      u	 UNSIGNED
	      c	 COUNTER32
	      s	 STRING
	      x	 HEX STRING
	      n	 NULLOBJ
	      o	 OBJID
	      t	 TIMETICKS
	      a	 IPADDRESS
	      b	 BITS
       which are handled in the same way as the snmpset command.

       For example:

       snmptrap	 -v  1	-c  public  manager enterprises.spider test-hub 3 0 ''
       interfaces.iftable.ifentry.ifindex.1 i 1

       will send a generic linkUp trap to manager, for interface 1.

       snmptrap takes the common options described in  the  snmpcmd(1)	manual
       page in addition to the -Ci option described above.  Note that snmptrap
       REQUIRES	 an argument specifying the agent to query as described there.

       snmpcmd(1), snmpset(1), variables(5).

V5.7.2				  19 Jun 2003			   SNMPTRAP(1)

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