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SRV(3)									SRV(3)

       srv - server registry

       bind #s /srv


       The  srv	 device	 provides  a  one-level directory holding already-open
       channels to services.  In effect, srv is a bulletin board on which pro‐
       cesses  may  post open file descriptors to make them available to other

       To install a channel, create a new file such as	/srv/myserv  and  then
       write a text string (suitable for strtoul; see atof(2)) giving the file
       descriptor  number  of  an  open	 file.	 Any  process  may  then  open
       /srv/myserv to acquire another reference to the open file that was reg‐

       An entry in srv holds a reference to the associated  file  even	if  no
       process	has  the file open.  Removing the file from /srv releases that

       It is an error to write more than one number into a server file, or  to
       create a file with a name that is already being used.

       To drop one end of a pipe into /srv, that is, to create a named pipe:

	      int fd, p[2];
	      char buf[32];

	      fd = create("/srv/namedpipe", OWRITE, 0666);
	      fprint(fd, "%d", p[0]);
	      fprint(p[1], "hello");

       At  this point, any process may open and read /srv/namedpipe to receive
       the hello string.  Data written to /srv/namedpipe can  be  received  by

	      read(p[1], buf, sizeof buf);

       in the above process.


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