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UHSOCTL(1)		  BSD General Commands Manual		    UHSOCTL(1)

     uhsoctl — connection utility for Option based devices

     uhsoctl [-a apn] [-c cid] [-p pin] [-u username] [-k password] [-r path]
	     [-f path] [-b | -n] interface
     uhsoctl -d interface
     uhsoctl -h

     uhsoctl is a small connection utility for Option N.V. devices that are
     based on Options packet interface and uses proprietary AT_* calls to
     establish connections.  The utility (tries to) configure both default
     route and name servers (/etc/resolv.conf).

     By default uhsoctl detaches from the terminal upon on a successful con‐
     nection, a few command-line options exists that allows this behavior to
     be changed.

     uhsoctl attempts to find a usable controlling serial port based on the
     provided network interface.  If this fails you might specify a serial
     port manually.

     -a apn
	   Specify APN to connect to.

     -c cid
	   Specify CID (Context ID) to use, by default CID 1 is used.  If an
	   APN has been configured once, it's enough to specify the CID used
	   for further accesses.

     -p pin
	   Specify SIM PIN.

     -u username
	   Specify username.

     -k password
	   Specify username.

     -r path
	   Path to resolv.conf, default /etc/resolv.conf.  Use /dev/null to
	   disable updating of name servers.

     -f path
	   Explicitly set the serial port to use as controlling terminal.
	   Might be needed if the automatic detection fails.

     -b	   Fork into background directly, before a connection has been estab‐

     -n	   Never fork into background, run entirely in foreground.

     Connect to “apn.example.com” on interface “uhso0” and use PIN “1234” to
     enable the SIM card.

	   uhsoctl -a apn.example.com -p 1234 uhso0

     Disconnect from a previously established connection

	   uhsoctl -d uhso0


BSD				 Aug 12, 2009				   BSD

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