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IEEE1394(7D)							  IEEE1394(7D)

       ieee1394, firewire, 1394 - Solaris IEEE-1394 Architecture

       IEEE-1394 provides a means for interconnecting devices  in computer and
       home entertainment systems. (The IEEE-1394 architecture is  also	 known
       as  Firewire,  an  Apple	 Computer trademark, and i.Link, a Sony trade‐
       mark). The most common IEEE-1394 devices	 are digital camcorders, mass-
       storage	devices	 and cameras (including webcam-type devices). For more
       information on USB, refer to the	 1394  Trade  Association  website  at

       The  Solaris  IEEE-1394	architecture  supports	up to 63 hot-pluggable
       IEEE-1394 devices per IEEE-1394 bus. The maximum data transfer rate  is
       400 Mbits, depending on the capabilities of the attached device.

       The Solaris IEEE-1394 architecture supports devices implementing a num‐
       ber of different specifications. The basic behavior  of	the  IEEE-1394
       bus  is	described in the IEEE 1394-1995 and IEEE 1394a-2000 specifica‐

       IEEE-1394 host controllers implementing the 1394 Open  Host  Controller
       Interface specification are supported. Camcorders      implementing the
       IEC 61883 and 1394 Trade Association AV/C specifications are supported.
       Mass-storage devices implementing the ANSI SBP-2 specification are sup‐
       ported.	Digital	 cameras  implementing	the  1394  Trade   Association
       1394-based Digital Camera (IIDC) specification are supported.

       Listed  below  are drivers and modules which either utilize or are uti‐
       lized by the Solaris IEEE-1394 architecture. Drivers in /kernel/drv are
       32   bit	 drivers  (only).  Drivers  in	/kernel/drv/sparcv9  or	 /ker‐
       nel/drv/amd64 are 64 bit drivers.

       │	SUPPORT MODULE(S)	   │	       FUNCTION		   │
       │/kernel/misc/[sparcv9|amd64/]s1394 │ IEEE-1394 framework	   │
       │/kernel/misc/[sparcv9|amd64/]sbp2  │ Serial Bus Protocol-2 (SBP-2) │

       │	    TARGET DRIVER	      │	       DEVICE CLASS	    │
       │/kernel/drv/[sparcv9|amd64/]s1394     │ IEEE-1394 framework	    │
       │/kernel/drv/[sparcv9|amd64/]scsa1394  │ mass storage class	    │
       │/kernel/drv/[sparcv9|amd64/]av1394    │ camcorder (AV/C) class	    │
       │/kernel/drv/[sparcv9|amd64/]dcam1394  │ digital camera (IIDC) class │

       │/kernel/drv/[sparcv9|amd64/]hci1394 │ Open HCI │

       See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes:

       │Architecture   │ PCI-based systems │

       attributes(5),  av1394(7D),  dcam1394(7D),  hci1394(7D),	 scsa1394(7D),


       IEEE 1394a Specification - 1394 Trade Association, 2000

       IEEE 1394 Specification - 1394 Trade Association, 1995

       Booting	from  IEEE-1394 mass-storage devices is not supported, but may
       be possible if supported by the BIOS of the computer	 system.

				  Apr 3, 2009			  IEEE1394(7D)

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