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AptPkg::PkgRecords(3pmUser Contributed Perl DocumentatiAptPkg::PkgRecords(3pm)

       AptPkg::PkgRecords - APT package description class

       use AptPkg::PkgRecords;

       The AptPkg::PkgRecords module provides an interface to the parsed
       contents of package files.

       The AptPkg::PkgRecords package Implements the APT pkgRecords class.

       An instance of the AptPkg::PkgRecords class may be fetched using the
       "packages" method from an AptPkg::Cache object.


	   Return a hash (or hash reference, depending on context) for the
	   given package.

	   PACK may either be an AptPkg::Cache::VerFile object, an
	   AptPkg::Cache::DescFile object or a package name.

	   The hash contains the following keys:

	       "FileName", "MD5Hash", "SourcePkg", "Maintainer", "ShortDesc",
	       "LongDesc" and "Name".

	   with values taken from the packages or translation file.

	   Note that "LongDesc" is generally not useful for
	   AptPkg::Cache::VerFile objects, which refer to the Packages file,
	   as these no longer contain the full description (now in the
	   Translation files).

	   If PACK is a package name, these additional values are set:

	       "Section" and "VerStr".

	   and the following values are overriden with the translated

	       "ShortDesc" and "LongDesc".

       AptPkg::Cache(3pm), AptPkg(3pm).

       Brendan O'Dea <bod@debian.org>

perl v5.18.1			  2013-05-10	       AptPkg::PkgRecords(3pm)

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