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Dpkg::Substvars(3)		 libdpkg-perl		    Dpkg::Substvars(3)

       Dpkg::Substvars - handle variable substitution in strings

       It provides some an object which is able to substitute variables in

       my $s = Dpkg::Substvars->new($file)
	       Create a new object that can do substitutions. By default it
	       contains generic substitutions like ${Newline}, ${Space},
	       ${Tab}, ${dpkg:Version} and ${dpkg:Upstream-Version}.

	       Additional substitutions will be read from the $file passed as

	       It keeps track of which substitutions were actually used (only
	       counting substvars(), not get()), and warns about unused
	       substvars when asked to. The substitutions that are always
	       present are not included in these warnings.

       $s->set($key, $value)
	       Add/replace a substitution.

       $s->set_as_used($key, $value)
	       Add/replace a substitution and mark it as used (no warnings
	       will be produced even if unused).

	       Get the value of a given substitution.

	       Remove a given substitution.

	       Prevents warnings about a unused substitution, for example if
	       it is provided by default.

	       Obsolete function, use mark_as_used() instead.

	       Add new substitutions read from $file.

       $s->parse($fh, $desc)
	       Add new substitutions read from the filehandle. $desc is used
	       to identify the filehandle in error messages.

       $s->set_version_substvars($sourceversion, $binaryversion)
	       Defines ${binary:Version}, ${source:Version} and
	       ${source:Upstream-Version} based on the given version strings.

	       These will never be warned about when unused.

	       Defines architecture variables: ${Arch}.

	       This will never be warned about when unused.

       $newstring = $s->substvars($string)
	       Substitutes variables in $string and return the result in

	       Issues warning about any variables that were set, but not used

	       Define a prefix displayed before all warnings/error messages
	       output by the module.

	       Store all substitutions variables except the automatic ones in
	       the indicated file.

       "$s"    Return a string representation of all substitutions variables
	       except the automatic ones.

       $str = $s->output($fh)
	       Print all substitutions variables except the automatic ones in
	       the filehandle and return the content written.

       Raphaƫl Hertzog <hertzog@debian.org>.

1.17.5				  2013-12-10		    Dpkg::Substvars(3)

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