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DtInfoShowTopic(API)					  DtInfoShowTopic(API)

       DtInfoShowTopic — provide the user access to a local information corpus
       at a specific location

       #include <Dt/Info.h>
       DtIfnoShowStatus DtInfoShowTopic(
       const char *info_lib,
       const char *locator);

       By invoking DtInfoShowTopic, a client application requests that	dtinfo
       display a particular section of data, or topic. DtInfoShowTopic sends a
       ToolTalk message to any active  dtinfo  process	that  can  access  the
       requested information in the current locale.  The browser is started if
       it is not already running. This corresponds to invoking the dtinfo com‐
       mand with the -sect option from the command line.

       The locator parameter must be a valid, resolvable location in the spec‐
       ified or default infolib for dtinfo to display the location.   Unfortu‐
       nately,	there is no way to determine this from the calling application
       as DtInfoShowTopic will return an ok status as long as the message  has
       been  delivered	to  dtinfo.  In the case of an invalid locator, dtinfo
       will still map to the current workspace of the invoking application and
       display an error dialog.

       This  API  is  implemented  in  the Desktop Services library, DtSvc. To
       access the DtShowInfoTopic API, include the header file	Dt/Info.h  and
       link with -lDtSvc.

       *info_lib Specifies  a  file path, relative or absolute, to an informa‐
		 tion library. If info_lib is NULL, the browser	 displays  the
		 default information library(s).

       *locator	 Specifies  the	 information  library  section	in generalized
		 locator format.

		 ToolTalk request succesfully sent.

		 The locator argument is NULL.

		 Call to tt_open() failed.

		 Call to tt_message_create() failed.

		 Call to tt_message_send() failed.

		 Search path environment  variable  for	 locating  information
		 libraries on local and remote mounted systems.

		 Specifies  the	 name of the default information library(s) to
		 load if the locator argument is  NULL.	 Multiple  information
		 libraries can be specified by a comma separated list.


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