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Encode::MIME::Header(3)Perl Programmers Reference GuideEncode::MIME::Header(3)

       Encode::MIME::Header -- MIME 'B' and 'Q' header encoding

	   use Encode qw/encode decode/;
	   $utf8   = decode('MIME-Header', $header);
	   $header = encode('MIME-Header', $utf8);

       This module implements RFC 2047 Mime Header Encoding.  There are 3
       variant encoding names; "MIME-Header", "MIME-B" and "MIME-Q".  The
       difference is described below

		     decode()	       encode()
	 MIME-Header Both B and Q      =?UTF-8?B?....?=
	 MIME-B	     B only; Q croaks  =?UTF-8?B?....?=
	 MIME-Q	     Q only; B croaks  =?UTF-8?Q?....?=

       When you decode(=?encoding?X?ENCODED WORD?=), ENCODED WORD is extracted
       and decoded for X encoding (B for Base64, Q for Quoted-Printable). Then
       the decoded chunk is fed to decode(encoding).  So long as encoding is
       supported by Encode, any source encoding is fine.

       When you encode, it just encodes UTF-8 string with X encoding then
       quoted with =?UTF-8?X?....?= .  The parts that RFC 2047 forbids to
       encode are left as is and long lines are folded within 76 bytes per

       It would be nice to support encoding to non-UTF8, such as
       =?ISO-2022-JP?  and =?ISO-8859-1?= but that makes the implementation
       too complicated.	 These days major mail agents all support =?UTF-8? so
       I think it is just good enough.

       Due to popular demand, 'MIME-Header-ISO_2022_JP' was introduced by
       Makamaka.  Thre are still too many MUAs especially cellular phone
       handsets which does not grok UTF-8.


       RFC 2047, <http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc2047.html> and many other

perl v5.10.1			  2009-07-13	       Encode::MIME::Header(3)

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