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Errno(3perl)	       Perl Programmers Reference Guide		  Errno(3perl)

       Errno - System errno constants

	   use Errno qw(EINTR EIO :POSIX);

       "Errno" defines and conditionally exports all the error constants
       defined in your system "errno.h" include file. It has a single export
       tag, ":POSIX", which will export all POSIX defined error numbers.

       "Errno" also makes "%!" magic such that each element of "%!" has a non-
       zero value only if $! is set to that value. For example:

	   use Errno;

	   unless (open(FH, "/fangorn/spouse")) {
	       if ($!{ENOENT}) {
		   warn "Get a wife!\n";
	       } else {
		   warn "This path is barred: $!";

       If a specified constant "EFOO" does not exist on the system, $!{EFOO}
       returns "".  You may use "exists $!{EFOO}" to check whether the
       constant is available on the system.

       Importing a particular constant may not be very portable, because the
       import will fail on platforms that do not have that constant.  A more
       portable way to set $! to a valid value is to use:

	   if (exists &Errno::EFOO) {
	       $! = &Errno::EFOO;

       Graham Barr <>

       Copyright (c) 1997-8 Graham Barr. All rights reserved.  This program is
       free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same
       terms as Perl itself.

perl v5.18.2			  2014-01-12			  Errno(3perl)

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