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ExtUtils::Miniperl(3perPerl Programmers Reference GuiExtUtils::Miniperl(3perl)

       ExtUtils::Miniperl, writemain - write the C code for perlmain.c

       "use ExtUtils::Miniperl;"


       This whole module is written when perl itself is built from a script
       called minimod.PL. In case you want to patch it, please patch
       minimod.PL in the perl distribution instead.

       writemain() takes an argument list of directories containing archive
       libraries that relate to perl modules and should be linked into a new
       perl binary. It writes to STDOUT a corresponding perlmain.c file that
       is a plain C file containing all the bootstrap code to make the modules
       associated with the libraries available from within perl.

       The typical usage is from within a Makefile generated by
       ExtUtils::MakeMaker. So under normal circumstances you won't have to
       deal with this module directly.


perl v5.18.2			  2014-01-12	     ExtUtils::Miniperl(3perl)

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