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FILE(1)								       FILE(1)

       file - determine file type

       file [ -m ] [ file ...  ]

       File  performs a series of tests on its argument files in an attempt to
       classify their contents by language or purpose.	If  no	arguments  are
       given, the classification is performed on standard input.

       If  the -m flag is given, file outputs an appropriate MIME Content-Type
       specification describing the type and subtype of each file.

       The file types it looks for include directory, device file, zero-filled
       file,  empty file, Plan 9 executable, PAC audio file, cpio archive, tex
       dvi file, archive symbol table, archive, rc script,  sh	script,	 Post‐
       Script,	troff  output  file  for  various devices, mail box, GIF, FAX,
       object code, C and Alef source,	assembler  source,  compressed	files,
       encrypted  file,	 English  text,	 compressed image, image, subfont, and

       If a file has no apparent format, file looks at the  character  set  it
       uses to classify it according to ASCII, extended ASCII, Latin ASCII, or
       UTF holding one or more of the following blocks of  the	Unicode	 Stan‐
       dard:  Extended	Latin,	Greek,	Cyrillic,  Armenian,  Hebrew,  Arabic,
       Devanagari, Bengali, Gurmukhi, Gujarati, Oriya, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada,
       Malayalam, Thai, Lao, Tibetan, Georgian, Japanese, Chinese, or Korean.

       If all else fails, file decides its input is binary.


       It can make mistakes.

                             _         _         _ 
                            | |       | |       | |     
                            | |       | |       | |     
                         __ | | __ __ | | __ __ | | __  
                         \ \| |/ / \ \| |/ / \ \| |/ /  
                          \ \ / /   \ \ / /   \ \ / /   
                           \   /     \   /     \   /    
                            \_/       \_/       \_/ 
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