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Glib::OptionGroup(3pm)User Contributed Perl DocumentatioGlib::OptionGroup(3pm)

       Glib::OptionGroup -  group of options for command line option parsing

	 my ($verbose, $source, $filenames) = ('', undef, []);

	 my $entries = [
	   { long_name => 'verbose',
	     short_name => 'v',
	     arg_type => 'none',
	     arg_value => \$verbose,
	     description => 'be verbose' },

	   { long_name => 'source',
	     short_name => 's',
	     arg_type => 'string',
	     arg_value => \$source,
	     description => 'set the source',
	     arg_description => 'source' },

	   [ 'filenames', 'f', 'filename-array', \$filenames ],

	 my $context = Glib::OptionContext->new ('- urgsify your life');
	 $context->add_main_entries ($entries, 'C');
	 $context->parse ();

	 # $verbose, $source, and $filenames are now updated according to the
	 # command line options given


   optioncontext = Glib::OptionContext->new ($parameter_string)
       ·   $parameter_string (string)

   optiongroup = Glib::OptionGroup->new (key => value, ...)
       Creates a new option group from the given key-value pairs.  The valid
       keys are name, description, help_description, and entries.  The first
       three specify strings while the last one, entries, specifies an array
       reference of option entries.  Example:

	 my $group = Glib::OptionGroup->new (
		       name => 'urgs',
		       description => 'Urgs Urgs Urgs',
		       help_description => 'Help with Urgs',
		       entries => \@entries);

       An option entry is a hash reference like this:

	 { long_name => 'verbose',
	   short_name => 'v',
	   flags => [qw/reverse hidden in-main/],
	   arg_type => 'none',
	   arg_value => \$verbose,
	   description => 'verbose desc.',
	   arg_description => 'verbose arg desc.' }

       Of those keys only long_name, arg_type, and arg_value are required.  So
       this is a valid option entry too:

	 { long_name => 'package-names',
	   arg_type => 'string-array',
	   arg_value => \$package_names }

       For convenience, option entries can also be specified as array
       references containing long_name, short_name, arg_type, and arg_value:

	 [ 'filenames', 'f', 'filename-array', \$filenames ]

       If you don't want an option to have a short name, specify undef for it:

	 [ 'filenames', undef, 'filename-array', \$filenames ]

   $context->add_group ($group)
       ·   $group (Glib::OptionGroup)

   $context->add_main_entries ($entries, $translation_domain)
       ·   $entries (scalar) reference to an array of option entries

       ·   $translation_domain (string)

   boolean = $context->get_help_enabled
   $context->set_help_enabled ($help_enabled)
       ·   $help_enabled (boolean)

   boolean = $context->get_ignore_unknown_options
   $context->set_ignore_unknown_options ($ignore_unknown)
       ·   $ignore_unknown (boolean)

   optiongroup = $context->get_main_group
   $context->set_main_group ($group)
       ·   $group (Glib::OptionGroup)

   boolean = $context->parse
       This method works directly on @ARGV.

       May croak with a Glib::Error in $@ on failure.

   $group->set_translate_func ($func, $data=undef)
       ·   $func (scalar)

       ·   $data (scalar)

   $group->set_translation_domain ($domain)
       ·   $domain (string)

   enum Glib::OptionArg
       ·   'none' / 'G_OPTION_ARG_NONE'

       ·   'string' / 'G_OPTION_ARG_STRING'

       ·   'int' / 'G_OPTION_ARG_INT'

       ·   'callback' / 'G_OPTION_ARG_CALLBACK'

       ·   'filename' / 'G_OPTION_ARG_FILENAME'

       ·   'string-array' / 'G_OPTION_ARG_STRING_ARRAY'

       ·   'filename-array' / 'G_OPTION_ARG_FILENAME_ARRAY'

       ·   'double' / 'G_OPTION_ARG_DOUBLE'

       ·   'int64' / 'G_OPTION_ARG_INT64'

   flags Glib::OptionFlags
       ·   'hidden' / 'G_OPTION_FLAG_HIDDEN'

       ·   'in-main' / 'G_OPTION_FLAG_IN_MAIN'

       ·   'reverse' / 'G_OPTION_FLAG_REVERSE'

       ·   'no-arg' / 'G_OPTION_FLAG_NO_ARG'

       ·   'filename' / 'G_OPTION_FLAG_FILENAME'

       ·   'optional-arg' / 'G_OPTION_FLAG_OPTIONAL_ARG'

       ·   'noalias' / 'G_OPTION_FLAG_NOALIAS'

       Glib, Glib::Boxed

       Copyright (C) 2003-2011 by the gtk2-perl team.

       This software is licensed under the LGPL.  See Glib for a full notice.

perl v5.18.1			  2014-01-08		Glib::OptionGroup(3pm)

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