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IDtoName(1)							   IDtoName(1)

       IDtoNAME -  This perl script will take a uid or gid used by Winbind and
       return the fully qualified domain-user or domain-group that Winbind as‐
       sociates with the uid or gid.

       IDtoName [-u|-g] uid|gid

       This tool is part of the CIFS WTEC Support Tools suite.

	IDtoName  is a Perl script that uses the HP CIFS Server utility wbinfo
       to expand a uid or gid to domain user or	 group as known by Winbind.

       IDtoName requires that the winbindd daemon be properly  configured  and
       up and running.

       No options provided - you must specify EITHER -u <uid> or -g <gid>

       Output will be the domain and user or group name that the winbindd dae‐
       mon has associated with this uid or gid.	 For example:

       IDtoName -g 20006
	      ID = 20006, NAME = WINDOM+Domain Users

       If the uid or gid given is NOT associated with  any  winbindd  user  or
       group, the NAME field will be blank.

       This  script  was  developed  and tested under perl(1) version 5.005_02
       built for PA-RISC1.1 . While it may run under previous versions	it  is
       recommended  that you install 5.005_02 or higher for best results.  You
       may need to modify the first line to point to  whatever	location  YOUR
       environment has perl installed.


       Don McCall, HP WTEC NOS Support Team.


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