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SDL_ListModes(3)	       SDL API Reference	      SDL_ListModes(3)

       SDL_ListModes  -	 Returns  a  pointer  to  an array of available screen
       dimensions for the given format and video flags

       #include "SDL.h"

       SDL_Rect **SDL_ListModes(SDL_PixelFormat *format, Uint32 flags);

       Return a pointer to an array of available  screen  dimensions  for  the
       given  format and video flags, sorted largest to smallest. Returns NULL
       if there are no dimensions available for a particular format, or -1  if
       any dimension is okay for the given format.

       If  format  is  NULL,  the mode list will be for the format returned by
       SDL_GetVideoInfo()->vfmt. The flag parameter is an OR'd combination  of
       surface	flags.	The  flags are the same as those used SDL_SetVideoMode
       and they play a strong role in  deciding	 what  modes  are  valid.  For
       instance,  if  you pass SDL_HWSURFACE as a flag only modes that support
       hardware video surfaces will be returned.

       SDL_Rect **modes;
       int i;

       /* Get available fullscreen/hardware modes */

       /* Check is there are any modes available */
       if(modes == (SDL_Rect **)0){
	 printf("No modes available!

       /* Check if or resolution is restricted */
       if(modes == (SDL_Rect **)-1){
	 printf("All resolutions available.
	 /* Print valid modes */
	 printf("Available Modes
	   printf("  %d x %d
       ", modes[i]->w, modes[i]->h);

       SDL_SetVideoMode, SDL_GetVideoInfo, SDL_Rect, SDL_PixelFormat

SDL			    Tue 11 Sep 2001, 23:01	      SDL_ListModes(3)

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