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SSL_set_shutdown(3)		    OpenSSL		   SSL_set_shutdown(3)

       SSL_set_shutdown, SSL_get_shutdown - manipulate shutdown state of an
       SSL connection

	#include <openssl/ssl.h>

	void SSL_set_shutdown(SSL *ssl, int mode);

	int SSL_get_shutdown(const SSL *ssl);

       SSL_set_shutdown() sets the shutdown state of ssl to mode.

       SSL_get_shutdown() returns the shutdown mode of ssl.

       The shutdown state of an ssl connection is a bitmask of:

       0   No shutdown setting, yet.

	   A "close notify" shutdown alert was sent to the peer, the
	   connection is being considered closed and the session is closed and

	   A shutdown alert was received form the peer, either a normal "close
	   notify" or a fatal error.

       SSL_SENT_SHUTDOWN and SSL_RECEIVED_SHUTDOWN can be set at the same

       The shutdown state of the connection is used to determine the state of
       the ssl session. If the session is still open, when SSL_clear(3) or
       SSL_free(3) is called, it is considered bad and removed according to
       RFC2246.	 The actual condition for a correctly closed session is
       SSL_SENT_SHUTDOWN (according to the TLS RFC, it is acceptable to only
       send the "close notify" alert but to not wait for the peer's answer,
       when the underlying connection is closed).  SSL_set_shutdown() can be
       used to set this state without sending a close alert to the peer (see

       If a "close notify" was received, SSL_RECEIVED_SHUTDOWN will be set,
       for setting SSL_SENT_SHUTDOWN the application must however still call
       SSL_shutdown(3) or SSL_set_shutdown() itself.

       SSL_set_shutdown() does not return diagnostic information.

       SSL_get_shutdown() returns the current setting.

       ssl(3), SSL_shutdown(3), SSL_CTX_set_quiet_shutdown(3), SSL_clear(3),

1.0.1e				  2013-02-11		   SSL_set_shutdown(3)

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