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WD(3)									 WD(3)

       wd - hardware watchdog timer

       bind -a #w /dev

       This device presents textual information about hardware watchdog timers
       on PCs and some other machines, and allows user-level control of	 them.
       When  enabled,  a  watchdog timer counts to zero in a few seconds; upon
       reaching zero, it resets the machine with an NMI or  equivalent.	  Some
       process	must  periodically  restart  the watchdog to avoid the NMI and
       keep the system alive; watchdog(8) is one such program.

       Reads from wdctl yield data of this form:

	      enabled 3 restarts


	      disabled 3 restarts

       Control messages may be written to wdctl and include and

       The watchdog is disabled at system shutdown, and	 when  the  last  open
       file descriptor for wdctl is closed.


       proc(3), watchdog(8)

       On  PCs, to ensure consistent use of one CPU's timers, an message wires
       the issuing process (see proc(3)) to a CPU, and any subsequent  control
       messages will wire the issuing processes to that same CPU.

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