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bdf(1M)								       bdf(1M)

       bdf - report number of free disk blocks (Berkeley version)

       type [filesystem|file] ... ]

       The  command displays the amount of free disk space available either on
       the specified filesystem for example) or on the file  system  in	 which
       the  specified file (such as is contained.  If no file system is speci‐
       fied, the free space on all of the normally  mounted  file  systems  is
       printed.	 The reported numbers are in kilobytes.

       The command recognizes the following options:

	      Display information regarding file system swapping.

	      Report the number of used and free inodes.

	      Display information for local file systems only (for example,
			     HFS and CDFS file systems).

	      Do  not  sync  the file system data on the disk before reporting
	      the usage.
			     Note that the data reported by may not be	up  to

	      Report on the file systems of a given
			     type (for example, or

       The  command  returns 0 on success (able to get status on all file sys‐
       tems), or returns 1 on failure (unable to get status  on	 one  or  more
       file systems).

       If file system names are too long, the output for a given entry is dis‐
       played on two lines.

       The command does not account for	 any  disk  space  reserved  for  swap
       space,  or  used	 for the HFS boot block (8 KB, 1 per file system), HFS
       superblocks (8 KB each, 1 per disk cylinder), HFS cylinder group blocks
       (1  KB  -  8  KB each, 1 per cylinder group), and inodes (currently 128
       bytes reserved for each inode).	Non-HFS file systems  may  have	 other
       items not accounted for by this command.

       was developed by the University of California, Berkeley.

       Static information about the file systems.
       Mounted file system table.
       File system devices.

       df(1M), fstab(4), mnttab(4).


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