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beryl-manager(1)		 Beryl Manager		      beryl-manager(1)

       beryl-manager - The Beryl Manager

       beryl-manager  [-d] [--no-force-display-manager] [--no-force-decorator]
       [--help] [--version]

       beryl-manager is a tray application that allows you  to	launch	beryl,
       start  different window decorators, start a different window manager or
       launch beryl-settings to configure your beryl environment. Should beryl
       crash,  the  beryl-manager  will try to launch a window manager to fall
       back to.

       -d   prevents from detaching from console.  Useful  for	debugging  and
	    error analysis.

	    don't replace running window manager at start

	    don't replace an eventually running decorator

	    outputs the current version of beryl-manager

	    short usage statement about beryl-manager

       USR1 Let	 the  menu popup on screen. Used to show the running instance,
	    instead of starting a new one.

       USR2 Toggles between beryl and fallback windows-manager.

	    Here are the settings stored.

       The running display manager and decorator detecting stuff only works if
       they  are  running  on same machine. Beryl Manager itself connects only
       once to a Systray, if the Systray gets destroyed, it will not appear in
       a  new  instance (But you can always invoke beryl-manager a 2nd time to
       get the Popupwindow).

       - Quinn Storm (

       beryl(1) emerald(1)

Beryl				  2006-10-21		      beryl-manager(1)

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