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BITMAP_ORD_TO_POS(9)	Basic Kernel Library Functions	  BITMAP_ORD_TO_POS(9)

       bitmap_ord_to_pos - find position of n-th set bit in bitmap

       int bitmap_ord_to_pos(const unsigned long * buf, int ord, int bits);

	   pointer to bitmap

	   ordinal bit position (n-th set bit, n >= 0)

	   number of valid bit positions in buf

       Map the ordinal offset of bit ord in buf to its position in buf. Value
       of ord should be in range 0 <= ord < weight(buf), else results are

       If for example, just bits 4 through 7 are set in buf, then ord values 0
       through 3 will get mapped to 4 through 7, respectively, and all other
       ord values return undefined values. When ord value 3 gets mapped to
       (returns) pos value 7 in this example, that means that the 3rd set bit
       (starting with 0th) is at position 7 in buf.

       The bit positions 0 through bits are valid positions in buf.

Kernel Hackers Manual 3.8.	   June 2014		  BITMAP_ORD_TO_POS(9)

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