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bootconf(4)							   bootconf(4)

       bootconf - boot device configuration table

       The file contains the address and disk layout type of the system's boot
       devices or lif volumes.	It is used by the  and	HP-UX  kernel  control
       scripts	(fileset to determine how and where to update the initial boot
       loader.	Normally the kernel's script queries the system's hardware and
       creates	the  file.  In rare cases when either the system configuration
       cannot be automatically determined or additional and/or alternate  boot
       devices	should	be  automatically updated, the administrator must edit
       the file manually.

       There is one line in the file for each boot device.  Each line contains
       the following blank-separated fields in the order shown:

       disk type   A  flag  indicating	how the file system(s) on the disk are
		   laid out.  The flag must be one of the following:

		   Indicates that the root disk is in LVM  or  VERITAS	Volume
			  (VxVM)  format.   If	LVM  or VxVM mirrors are used,
			  then each of the "mirrors" must have its own line in
			  the file.

		   Indicates that the root disk is in the
			  "whole disk" format with no partitions, but boot and
			  swap space are reserved outside the file system.

       device file The absolute path of the device special file that  accesses
		   the	physical  device  where the boot area is located.  For
		   LVM root disks, the device special  file  is	 the  physical
		   volume(s)  returned by the command.	For "whole disks" this
		   is the device file that references the entire disk.

       Blank lines are permitted.  Any line beginning with a is considered  to
       be a comment.

       The  Software  Distributor  log file contains diagnostic messages under
       the fileset if the file is incorrect.  Most of the messages  are	 self-
       explanatory; a few warrant additional explanation:

       If there are no other messages about
	      the  file	 is probably empty.  Otherwise, the file is not in the
	      proper format, and the other  messages  will  explain  what  the
	      problem is.

       The specified device file does not point to a disk where there is a
	      lif which contains the file

       Some character other than
	      or is in the first field of a line.

       As of release 10.0, the boot areas in
	      must all be on the same type of disk layout.

       There are characters after the
	      device file specification.

       The boot area is on an LVM root disk:

	      l /dev/disk/disk7_p2

       The boot area is on a whole disk layout:

	      w /dev/disk/disk7

       All of the boot devices in the file must have the same disk layout.

       was developed by the Hewlett-Packard Company.

       mediainit(1),   hpux(1M),   hpux.efi(1M),   mkboot(1M),	vgdisplay(1M),
       lif(4), intro(7).



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