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BUSCTL(1)			    busctl			     BUSCTL(1)

       busctl - Introspect the bus

       busctl [OPTIONS...] [COMMAND] [NAME...]

       busctl may be used to introspect and monitor the D-Bus bus.

       The following options are understood:

	   Connect to the bus specified by ADDRESS instead of using suitable
	   defaults for either the system or user bus (see --system and --user

	   When showing the list of endpoints, show a column containing the
	   names of containers they belong to. See systemd-

	   When showing the list of endpoints, show only "unique" names (of
	   the form ":number.number").

	   The opposite of --unique — only "well-known" names will be shown.

	   When showing the list of endpoints, show only endpoints which have
	   actually not been activated yet, but may be started automatically
	   if accessed.

	   When showing messages being exchanged, show only the subset
	   matching MATCH.

	   Do not print the legend, i.e. the column headers and the footer.

	   Talk to the service manager of the calling user, rather than the
	   service manager of the system.

	   Talk to the service manager of the system. This is the implied

       -H, --host=
	   Execute the operation remotely. Specify a hostname, or username and
	   hostname separated by "@", to connect to. This will use SSH to talk
	   to the remote machine manager instance.

       -M, --machine=
	   Execute operation on a local container. Specify a container name to
	   connect to.

       -h, --help
	   Print a short help text and exit.

	   Print a short version string and exit.

	   Do not pipe output into a pager.

       The following commands are understood:

	   Show endpoints attached to the bus. This is the default if no
	   command is specified.

       monitor [NAME...]
	   Dump messages being exchanged. If NAME is specified, show messages
	   to or from this endpoint. Otherwise, show all messages on the bus.

       status NAME
	   Show process information and credentials of a bus endpoint.

	   Show command syntax help.

       dbus-daemon(1), D-Bus[1], kdbus[2], sd-bus(3), systemd(1), systemd-bus-
       proxyd(8), machinectl(1)

	1. D-Bus

	2. kdbus

systemd 212							     BUSCTL(1)

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