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bwtmps(3C)							    bwtmps(3C)

       bwtmps: bwtmpname(), updatebwdb(), getbwent(), setbwent(), endbwent() -
       access and update routines for the wtmps and btmps databases

       returns a pointer to a structure.  The key members of structure are :

		      char ut_user[]		      User login name
		      char ut_id[]		      Unique Id to distinguish an entry
		      char ut_line[]		      Device name
		      pid_t ut_pid		      Process Id
		      short ut_type		      Type of Entry
		      struct ut_exit		      The exit status of a process
		      struct timeval ut_tv	      Time entry was made
		      char ut_host[]		      Host name, if remote
		      uint8_t ut_addr[]		      Internet Address of the Host,
						      if remote
		      short ut_addr_type	      Flag to identify type of address
						      in ut_addr

       The following routines are provided:

	      Allows the user to set the database being examined to either
				or does not open the  database	--  it	merely
				closes	the  old file if it is currently open,
				and saves the new file name.  and  are	macros
				defined	 in  header  file,  which refer to and
				files respectively .

	      Reads in the next entry from either
				or depending on the previous call  to  If  the
				database is not already open, opens it.	 If it
				reaches end of file, fails.

	      Appends the	structure pointed to by to either or as set by
				the previous call to

	      Resets the requests for
				to  begin  from	 the start of the database, as
				specified by a previous call to

	      Closes the handle of the currently open database.

       returns pointer to structure of type on success.	 If size is not one of
       the  supported  structure  sizes	 ,  returns  NULL and sets errno to On
       reaching end of database, returns NULL.

       returns 0 if append to the database is successful.  returns -1 on fail‐
       ure to append to database.

	      [EINVAL]	     The size parameter passed to the bwtmps(3C) func‐
			     tions does not match any of the  structure	 sizes
			     supported .

       Applications  should  not access the and databases directly, but should
       use these functions as the structure written to these  databases	 is  a
       superset of the structure.  does not update and files.

       bwtmps(3C) interfaces load shared library

   Compile/link for Archive Applications (PA-RISC only)
       If  you use bwtmps(3C) interfaces and compile/link your application ar‐
       chive, please note that bwtmps(3C) interfaces have a dependency on that
       will require a change to the compile/link command:

       Compile :

       Or compile with and

       The  option is positionally dependent and should occur at the beginning
       of the compile line.  For optimum compatibility in future releases, you
       should  avoid using archive libc with other shared libraries except for
       as needed above.

       The routines were developed by Hewlett-Packard Company.

       getuts(3C), thread_safety(5).


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