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capiinit(8)							   capiinit(8)

       capiinit - start or stop CAPI-capable ISDN cards

       capiinit	 [OPTIONS]  start  | stop | show | status | prepare | reload |
       activate | deactivate

       capiinit [OPTIONS] activate|deactivate  cardname

       capiinit [OPTIONS] activate|deactivate  driver [cardname]

       capiinit is called with one of the following actions:

       start  Load  all	 modules  and  initialize  all	cards	(loading   the
	      firmware), which are configured in /etc/isdn/capi.conf.

       stop   Reset all cards and unload modules.

       show   Show the current configuration.

       status Show the current status.

	      Load all modules.

	      Initialize all cards.

       activate cardname
	      Initialize one card (i.e.: c4-ec00).

       activate driver [cardnumber]
	      Initialize one card.

	      Reset all cards.

       deactivate cardname
	      Reset one card (i.e.: c4-ec00).

       deactivate driver [cardnumber]
	      Reset one card.

       reload Reset all cards and initialize them again.

       Firmware files are searched in this order in the following directories:
       /usr/share/isdn/`uname -r`, /usr/share/isdn, /usr/lib/isdn, /lib/isdn.

       There is a sample config in /etc/isdn/capi.conf.

       -c filename, --config filename
	      Use filename as config file (default is /etc/isdn/capi.conf).

       -d, --debug
	      Save patch values for debugging purposes.

       -s, --silent
	      Don't show status information.

       Manpage written from  C	source	by  Paul  Slootman  <>,
       updated by Matthias Klose <>.


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