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catman(1M)							    catman(1M)

       catman - create cat and whatis files for online manpages

       alt-path] [sections]

       The  command creates the formatted versions of the online manpages from
       source files.  Each manpage in the and  directories  is	examined,  and
       those  whose  formatted	versions are missing or out-of-date are recre‐
       ated.  formats the most recent of the entries, compresses it, and  puts
       it into the appropriate directory.

       If any changes are made, recreates the database.	 By default, the data‐
       base is overwritten.  If the environment variable is set	 to  a	nonde‐
       fault  set  of  paths,  the  old	 database file is saved in so that, if
       desired, the system administrator may merge them together.

       By default, searches the and subdirectories under the following	direc‐

       If  is  set  in	the  environment, the directories given in are checked
       instead of the default.	See environ(5) for a description of the	 envi‐
       ronment variable.

       Before running remove any existing directories.	If the option is used,
       directories should be removed instead.  If both and directories	exist,
       man(1) updates both directories and more space is used.

       Any command-line parameters not starting with are interpreted as a list
       of manpage sections (directories) to search.  For example:

       restricts updating to manpage sections 1, 2, and 3 (directories and

       supports the following options:

	      Create a merged
			     database;	i.e.,  information  on	 new   manpage
			     entries  (added  since  the last time was run) is
			     merged into  the  current	database  rather  than
			     overwriting  it.	Ignored	 if  selected with the

	      Prevent creation of

	      Print what would be done instead of doing it.

	      Cause only the database to be created.  No manpage  reformatting
			     is done.

	      Put the formatted entries in the
			     directories rather than in the directories.

	      Perform actions based on the given alternate root.
			     With  this	 option,  alt-path will be prefixed to
			     all directory paths, including default paths, the
			     paths defined by and the path to

   Environment Variables
       defines parent directories to be used when searching and directories.

       If unformatted manpages (those in the subdirectories) have been removed
       since the last time was run, information in the database may  be	 lost.
       The  option  may	 be  used to override this, but may result in repeated
       lines in the database for the same manpage.

       Create uncompressed files for sections 1 and  1m	 of  the  manual,  but
       don't create the database:

       Run  from  a  server  to create entries for a diskless client under the
       alternate root

       This will create manpages under:

       and a file in:

       Create entries for an application and merge the	information  with  the

       Note  that  you	may  wish to save before doing this, so as not to lose
       your current

       was developed by HP and the University of California, Berkeley.

       Unformatted source) manpage files [compressed].

       Formatted manpages [compressed].

       Database of manpage entry  summaries;  uti‐
       lized by the

       Command to make

       compress(1),   fixman(1M),   man(1),  envi‐


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