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cdsadv(1m)							    cdsadv(1m)

       cdsadv - Starts the CDS client daemon

       cdsadv [-c] [-D] [-s] [-w route]

       Specifies  cache	 size in kilobytes. Changing cache sizes causes previ‐
       ously cached information to be discarded, including  information	 about
       cached  servers,	 so  use of this option may necessitate defining a new
       cached server.  NOTE : Alternatively this can be done by using the tun‐
       able   parameter	  cdsadv.cache_size   provided	 in   the  /opt/dcelo‐
       cal/etc/cds.conf file. This parameter takes a cache size	 in  KiloBytes
       as shown:
	     cdsadv.cache_size:	 512  and  sets	 the  cdsadv cache size to 512
       KiloBytes. cdsadv needs to be restarted for this value to be effective.
       This is the recommended method to set cdsadv cache size.	 For debugging
       use only. Causes the cdsadv process not to fork.	 Causes the cdsadv not
       to send or receive advertisements.  This argument can be used for diag‐
       nostic work involving multiple servers on the same local	 area  network
       to  limit  access  to  those  servers identified with the define cached
       server command.	Routes serviceability messages.

       The cdsadv command starts the CDS client daemon.

   Privilege Required
       You must log in as superuser (root).

       This command is ordinarily executed by a DCE configuration  or  startup
       script.	 You  should  use  this command interactively only when cdsadv
       fails to start automatically after a reboot, or if you want to  restart
       cdsadv  after disabling it to perform a backup or to do diagnostic work
       on the host system.

       To restart cdsadv, follow these steps: Log in to the  clerk  system  as
       superuser  (root).  Verify that the dced process is running.  Enter the
       following command to restart the cdsadv process:

       # cdsadv

       Books: OSF DCE Administration Guide


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