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certtool(1)							   certtool(1)

       certtool - Manipulate certificates and keys.

       certtool [options]

       Generate X.509 certificates, certificate requests, and private keys.

   Program control options
       -d, --debug LEVEL
	      Specify the debug level. Default is 1.

       -h, --help
	      Shows this help text

       -v, --version
	      Shows the program's version

   Getting information on X.509 certificates
       -i, --certificate-info
	      Print information on a certificate.

       -k, --key-info
	      Print information on a private key.

       -l, --crl-info
	      Print information on a CRL.

	      Print information on a PKCS #12 structure.

   Getting information on Openpgp certificates
	      Print information on an OpenPGP certificate.

	      Print information on an OpenPGP private key.

	      Print information on a keyring.

   Generating/verifying X.509 certificates/keys
       -c, --generate-certificate
	      Generate a signed certificate.

       -e, --verify-chain
	      Verify a PEM encoded certificate chain.  The last certificate in
	      the chain must be a self signed one.

	      Generate PKCS #3 encoded Diffie-Hellman parameters.

       --load-ca-certificate FILE
	      Certificate authority's certificate file to use.

       --load-ca-privkey FILE
	      Certificate authority's private key file to use.

       --load-certificate FILE
	      Certificate file to use.

       --load-privkey FILE
	      Private key file to use.

       --load-request FILE
	      Certificate request file to use.

       -p, --generate-privkey
	      Generate a private key.

       -q, --generate-request
	      Generate a PKCS #10 certificate request.

       -s, --generate-self-signed
	      Generate a self-signed certificate.

       -u, --update-certificate
	      Update a signed certificate.

   Controlling output
       -8, --pkcs8
	      Use PKCS #8 format for private keys.

       --dsa  Generate a DSA key.

       --bits BITS
	      Specify the number of bits for key generation.

	      Use weak encryption algorithms.

	      Use RAW/DER format for input certificates and private keys.

       --infile FILE
	      Input file.

	      Use RAW/DER format for output certificates and private keys.

       --outfile FILE
	      Output file.

       --password PASSWORD
	      Password to use.

	      Generate a PKCS #12 structure.

	      Use a template file to read input. See the  doc/certtool.cfg  in
	      the distribution, for an example.

	      Some   previous  versions	 of  certtool  generated  wrongly  the
	      optional parameters in a private key. This may  affect  programs
	      that used them. To fix an old private key use --key-info in com‐
	      bination with this parameter.

       --v1   When generating a certificate use the X.509  version  1  format.
	      This  does  not add any extensions (such as indication for a CA)
	      but some programs do need these.

       To create a private key, run:

	      $ certtool --generate-privkey --outfile key.pem

       To create a certificate request (needed when the certificate is	issued
       by another party), run:

	      $ certtool --generate-request --load-privkey key.pem \
		 --outfile request.pem

       To generate a certificate using the previous request, use the command:

	      $ certtool --generate-certificate --load-request request.pem \
		 --outfile cert.pem --load-ca-certificate ca-cert.pem \
		 --load-ca-privkey ca-key.pem

       To generate a certificate using the private key only, use the command:

	      $ certtool --generate-certificate --load-privkey key.pem \
		 --outfile cert.pem --load-ca-certificate ca-cert.pem \
		 --load-ca-privkey ca-key.pem

       To view the certificate information, use:

	      $ certtool --certificate-info --infile cert.pem

       To  generate  a	PKCS #12 structure using the previous key and certifi‐
       cate, use the command:

	      $ certtool --load-certificate cert.pem --load-privkey key.pem \
		 --to-p12 --outder --outfile key.p12

       Nikos	Mavroyanopoulos	   <nmav@gnutls.org>	and    others;	   see
       /usr/share/doc/gnutls-bin/AUTHORS for a complete list.

       This  manual  page  was written by Ivo Timmermans <ivo@debian.org>, for
       the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).

				 May 23rd 2005			   certtool(1)

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