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chsh(1)								       chsh(1)

       chsh - change default login shell

       login-name [shell]

       login-name [shell]

       login-name [shell]

       login-name [shell]

       The  command  changes  the  login-shell	for a user's login name in the
       repository (see passwd(1)).

       The DCE repository is only available if Integrated Login has been  con‐
       figured;	 see  auth.adm(1M).   If Integrated Login has been configured,
       other considerations apply.  A user with appropriate DCE privileges  is
       capable	of  modifying a user's shell; this is not dependent upon supe‐
       ruser privileges.

       If the repository is not specified  (as	in  [login-name]),  the	 login
       shell is changed in the file only.

       Run after running to make sure the information was processed correctly.

       The  command  is a hard link to the command. When is executed, actually
       the command gets executed with appropriate arguments to change the user
       login  shell in the repository specified in command line. If no reposi‐
       tory is specified, the login shell is changed in the file.

	      login-name  A login name of a user.

	      shell	  The absolute path name of  a	shell.	 If  the  file
			  exists,  the	new login shell must be listed in that
			  file.	 Otherwise, you can specify one of  the	 stan‐
			  dard	shells	listed	in the getusershell(3C) manual
			  entry.  If shell is  omitted,	 it  defaults  to  the
			  POSIX shell,

       The following option is recognized:

	      Specify the repository to which the operation is to be applied.
		     Supported repositories include and

   Security Restrictions
       You  must  have	appropriate  privileges to use the optional login-name
       argument to change another user's login shell.

       File can be implemented as a Network Information	 Service  (NIS)	 data‐

       To change the login shell for user to the default:

       To change the login shell for user to the C shell:

       To  change  the	login shell for user to the Korn shell in the DCE reg‐

       If two or more users try to write the file at the same time,  a	passwd
       locking	mechanism was devised.	If this locking fails after subsequent
       retrying, terminates.

       was developed by HP and the University of California, Berkeley.

       chfn(1),	 csh(1),  ksh(1),  passwd(1),  sh(1),  sh-posix(1),   getuser‐
       shell(3C), pam(3), passwd(4), shells(4).


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