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cifsdb(1M)							    cifsdb(1M)

       cifsdb - manage CIFS Client database entries


       is part of the software bundle.	For detailed information, refer to the
       HP CIFS Client Administrator's Guide and Release	 Notes,	 available  at

       adds,  modifies,	 and  deletes  entries	in CIFS Client databases.  The
       entries allow CIFS mounts and logins to be performed automatically,  as
       described  below.   See the Administrator's Guide for detailed informa‐
       tion on mounting CIFS fileservers and establishing manual and automatic
       CIFS logins.

   CIFS Mounts
       If a shared directory on a CIFS server has been mounted at mount_point,

       saves the mount-point, server and  shared-directory  names,  and	 other
       pertinent information, in the CIFS Client mount database, such that the
       mount can be re-established automatically whenever the CIFS  Client  is
       started.	  If  an entry already exists in the database for mount-point,
       it is replaced.	mount_point must be an absolute path.

       Only users with root privileges can manage CIFS-mount database entries.

       The HP CIFS Client supports similar functionality through the  standard
       Unix mechanism; see the Administrator's Guide and fstab(4).

   CIFS Logins
       If  a  user  has established a CIFS login session at server through the
       NTLM authentication protocol, then if that user invokes:

       the NTLM and NTLMv2 hashes of the user's password, and  other  informa‐
       tion  pertinent	to  the login session, are encrypted and then saved in
       the CIFS Client user database, such that the user can  subsequently  be
       automatically logged in to server.  If an entry already exists for this
       user-server pair in the database, it is replaced.

       Users may save login credentials only if	 the  configuration  parameter
       usersMayStoreSessionData	 is  set  to  (the  default).  There are risks
       associated with this practice; system administrators are encouraged  to
       consider the security of the HP-UX host before enabling this feature.

       For CIFS logins that have been authenticated with Kerberos, users' NTLM
       password hashes are not saved in the CIFS Client user database.	 Auto‐
       matic  CIFS logins with Kerberos can be established through kinit(1) or
       PAM-KERBEROS (see the Administrator's Guide for details).

       recognizes the following option:

	      For both the   mount_point and server  forms  of	this  command,
			     delete the corresponding entry from the database.
			     Neither the mount nor the login  need  be	active
			     for the entry to be deleted.

       For  'root'  only:  if  a CIFS filesystem was previously mounted at the
       local directory and saved in the CIFS Client mount database, delete the
       database entry:

       If  a  user has previously logged into the CIFS server and subsequently
       saved the login credentials in the CIFS Client  user  database,	delete
       the database entry:

       was  developed  by  Objective  Development  Software  GmbH and Hewlett-

       CIFS Client mount database
       CIFS Client user database
       CIFS Client configuration file

       cifslist(1), cifslogin(1), cifsmount(1M), mount_cifs(1M).


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