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mount_cifs(1M)							mount_cifs(1M)

       mount, umount - mount and unmount CIFS filesystems


       specific_options] {server:/share|directory}

       specific_options] server:/share directory



       This  manual  entry  describes filesystem-specific options for mounting
       CIFS fileservers.

       The command mounts filesystems.	Only a superuser  can  mount  filesys‐
       tems.  Other users can use to list mounted filesystems.

       The  command  attaches  server:/share to directory.  server is a remote
       CIFS file server, share is a directory on this remote system and direc‐
       tory  is	 a  directory  on the local file tree.	directory must already
       exist and be given as an absolute path name.  It will become  the  name
       of the root of the newly mounted filesystem.  If is invoked without any
       arguments, it lists all of the mounted filesystems from the  filesystem
       mount table,

       The  superuser  can mount and login to the CIFS server in a single step
       (see the and options).  cifslist(1) displays CIFS mounts and logins.

       The command unmounts mounted filesystems.  Only a superuser can unmount

       The  functionality provided by these commands is also available through
       cifsmount(1M) and cifsumount(1M).

       recognizes the following options:

	      CIFS filesystem-specific identifier; always required.

	      Mount the specified filesystem read-only.

	      Set filesystem-specific options according to  a  comma-separated
			chosen from words below.

			Mount remote filesystem as read-only (same as

			Transmit  password  unencrypted.   This	 is a security
			risk and should be
				       used only if the server does not	 allow
				       password encryption.

			Use  only this IP address to establish the TCP connec‐
			tion to
				       server.	This setting causes  the  CIFS
				       Client  to  bypass  all name-resolution
				       procedures for this mount request,  and
				       supersedes any corresponding setting of
				       the parameter ipAddress in the configu‐
				       ration file.

			Login to       server  as username.  Must be used with
				       the option.

			Use this       password	 to  login  to	server.	  This
				       option  should  be  used only if neces‐
				       sary, because  command-line  parameters
				       may  appear  in	the  output  of ps(1).
				       Must be used with the option.

			Specify to     server that the user should be  authen‐
				       ticated in the given CIFS domain.  This
				       argument overrides any  domain  setting
				       in the configuration file.

recognizes the following options:
	      Required only in conjunction with

	      Unmount all CIFS filesystems.

	      Verbose mode.
			Write  a  message  to standard output indicating which
			filesystem is being unmounted.

	      Echo the completed command line, but perform no other action.
			The command-line is  generated	by  incorporating  the
			user-specified	options	 and other information derived
			from This option allows the user to verify the command

       Mount all CIFS entries defined in

       Mount the share on the server at the local mountpoint in mode:


       Mount  the  share  on  the  server at the local mountpoint and login to
       server using the remote-account name and the password

       Unmount the object mounted at the local mountpoint


       Unmount all CIFS filesystems, and request a  status  message  for  each
       object as it is unmounted:

       List of default parameters for each filesystem.
       Table of mounted filesystems.

       cifslist(1),    cifslogin(1),   cifsmount(1M),	fstab(4),   mnttab(4),


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