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clock(3C)							     clock(3C)

       clock() - report CPU time used

       returns	the  amount of CPU time (in microseconds) used since the first
       call to The time reported is the sum of the user and  system  times  of
       the calling process and its terminated child processes for which it has
       executed , or (see wait(2) , system(3S), and popen(3S)).	 To  determine
       the  time  in  seconds,	the value returned by should be divided by the
       value of the macro

       The resolution of the clock varies, depending on the  hardware  and  on
       software configuration.

       If the processor time used is not available or its value cannot be rep‐
       resented, the function returns the value

       The value returned by is defined in microseconds for compatibility with
       systems	that  have CPU clocks with much higher resolution.  Because of
       this, the value returned wraps around after accumulating only 4295 sec‐
       onds of CPU time (about 72 minutes).

       The default clock resolution is 10 milliseconds.

       times(2), wait(2), system(3S), thread_safety(5).


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