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cmmigratepkg(1m)					      cmmigratepkg(1m)

       cmmigratepkg - Migrate Serviceguard legacy Package to a Module Package.

       cmmigratepkg  -p	 package_name  [-x  extern_script]  [-e]  [-s] -o out‐

       cmmigratepkg is used to generate a modular package  configuration  file
       from  a configured legacy package.  cmmigratepkg expects the package to
       be a configured legacy package. The package can be up or down  and  the
       cluster	can  be	 on-line  or  off-line.	 The utility reads the control
       script of the package, so the package's control script must be  located
       on  the	node where the command is run.	cmmigratepkg can migrate pack‐
       ages created by Serviceguard version A.11.09 through A.11.18.

       The control script's customer-defined area is any code between  "#START
       the customer-defined area has code that needs to	 be  migrated  to  the
       modular	package	 then  cmmigratepkg  can  create an external script by
       inserting the shell code	 from  the  control  script  into  the	exter‐
       nal_script  file.  The  external	 script is generated from the external
       template found in $SGCONF/examples/external_script.template. (See chap‐
       ter  4  of  the Managing Serviceguard manual for more information about
       the template.)

       The external_script_name is the full pathname  and  file	 name  of  the
       file.  The extexternal scriptfile must be copied to each node where the
       package can run and make sure that the permissions are set to 744,  and
       owned by root.

       Non-Serviceguard variables defined in the legacy package control script
       can be converted to user defined parameters called PEV, parameter envi‐
       ronment variable.  The PEV is defined in the package configuration file
       and has a prefix of "PEV_".  See description  under the -e option.

       The cmmigratepkg displays informational	message	 about	the  variables
       which  it  cannot  convert because they are non-Serviceguard variables.
       If these non-Serviceguard variables are used and defined	 in  the  cus‐
       tomer  defined  area  then  there is no need to convert them to PEV. If
       they are defined in another location in the  control  script,  and  the
       values  should  be  part	 of  the package, they can be converted to PEV
       using the -e option. The PEV are defined in the new package  configura‐
       tion file.

       If non-Serviceguard functions are defined in the legacy package control
       script, cmmigratepkg lists the non-Serviceguard	functions  to  STDOUT.
       These  functions are not converted. You must determine if the functions
       are called and how you want to migrate them to the modular package. You
       can put them into the new external script file.

       cmmigratepkg  converts  legacy  failover	 packages  that are configured
       with:  Services,	 File  Systems,	 Volume	 groups,   Dependencies,   EMS
       Resources, and User Defined Roles to modular packages.

       cmmigratepkg generates the modular package configuration file in lower‐
       case. The package configuration file has no comments about the  package
       attributes.  If	the  user  wants to see comments regarding the package
       attributes, they can generate a temporary  package  configuration  file
       using cmmakepkg -v.

       The  following  control	script	parameters  are obsolete and the cmmi‐
       gratepkg gives a warning about them not be able to convert:  RAIDSTART,

       Note:  that  cmmigratepkg will not convert CVM3.5 packages or CFS pack‐
       ages.  If you are converting packages please see the  White  paper  for
       more details aboutconverting legacy packages.

       cmmigratepkg supports the following options:

	      -p package_name
		   Name of an existing configured legacy package to convert.

	      -x external_script
		   Name of the external script file to create.

	      -e   Generate  PEV's  from  non Serviceguard parameters. All non
		   Serviceguard parameters found in the package control script
		   are converted to PEVs.  "PEV_" is prepended to the original
		   name. For example, package_root="/srv/colossus", is written
		   as PEV_package_root="/srv/colossus" in the output_file.

	      -s   This	 option	 comments  out	service attributes in the out‐
		   put_file.  A warning is displayed when the option  is  used
		   and	the  package  has  services  defined.  When using this
		   option the user should review the output file.

	      -o output_file
		   Name of the output file for the converted package  configu‐

       cmmigratepkg returns the following values:

	       0   Successful completed.
	       >0  Command failed.
       Converts pkgA writing out new package configuration file.
	      cmmigratepkg -p pkgA -o /etc/cmcluster/pkg/pkgA/pkgA.conf
       Converts pkgA and also generates an external script.
	      cmmigratepkg  -p	pkgA -x /etc/cmcluster/pkg/pkgA/ -o
       cmmigratepkg was developed by HP.
       cmmakepkg(1m), cmgetconf(1m) Migration White Paper.

		    Requires Optional Serviceguard Software   cmmigratepkg(1m)

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