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cmpt_getbynum(3)					      cmpt_getbynum(3)

       cmpt_getbynum(),	   cmpt_endent(),   cmpt_getbyname(),	cmpt_getent(),
       cmpt_setent() - map compartment name to number or number to name


	      cmpt_name	     Pointer to	 a  string  containing	a  compartment

	      cmpt_num	     Compartment number.

	      state	     Pointer to internal state.

   Structure Members
       The structure is defined in It contains at least the following fields:

       Compartments are referenced by strings in configuration files under but
       are maintained as numbers internally.   The  functions  and  query  and
       iterate over this database.

	      Returns the compartment number corresponding to the string spec‐
	      ified by

	      Returns the compartment name corresponding to
				       cmpt_num.  If the return value  is  not
				       NULL,  it  is the responsibility of the
				       caller to free the returned value using
				       See free(3C).

	      Opens the database connection to allow an iterative search.

	      Returns  a pointer to the next compartment name/number pair from
	      the database.
				       The user must not call to  release  the
				       memory pointed to by the return value.

	      Closes the database connection.

       Every call to must be matched with a corresponding call to

       returns the following values:

	      Successful completion.
		     The function returns a valid compartment number.
	      Function failed.
		     is set to indicate the error.

       returns the following values:

		     Successful	 completions.  Returns a non-null pointer to a
		     string containing the compartment name.
	      NULL pointer
		     Function failed.  Returns a  null	pointer	 and  sets  to
		     indicate the error .

       The caller is responsible for freeing the result.

       returns the following values:

	      Successful completion.
	      Function failed.
		     is set to indicate the error.

       returns the following values:

		     Succesaful	 completions.  Returns a non-null pointer to a
	      NULL pointer
		     Function failed or entries are exhausted.	In case of  an
		     error, is set to indicate the error.

       sets  to	 and  returns  a  null	pointer	 when  all  entries  have been

       If any of the following conditions occur, the functions fail and set

	      Compartment name or number does not exist.

	      Compartmentalization is not enabled on this system.

	      The function failed to allocate sufficient memory for its opera‐

   Example 1
       Get the compartment number associated with a name.

	      #include <sys/cmpt.h>

	      void main(int argc, char **argv) {
		  cmpt_t cmptid;

		  cmptid = cmpt_getbyname("INIT");
		  if (cmptid != -1) {
		      printf("\nCompartment id : %d\n", cmptid);
		  } else {
		      printf("\nError getting compartment number\n");

   Example 2
       Get the compartment name associated with a number.

	      #include <sys/cmpt.h>

	      void main(int argc, char **argv) {
		  char *name;

		  name = cmpt_getbynum((cmpt_t)2);
		  if (name) {
		      printf("\nCompartment name : %s\n", name);
		  } else {
		      printf("\nError getting compartment name\n");

   Example 3
       Iterate through compartment mapping entries.

	      #include <errno.h>
	      #include <sys/cmpt.h>

	      void main(int argc, char **argv) {
		  struct cmpt_pair *pair;
		  struct cmpt_state *state

		  if (cmpt_setent(&state) != 0) {
		     perror("cmpt_setent failed");

		  /* get entries until a NULL returned */
		  while ( pair = cmpt_getent(&state) )
		      printf("\nCompartment Nnumber : %d  Name : %s\n",
			      pair->cmpt_num, pair->cmpt_name);

		  if (errno == 0)
		      printf("\nAll Entries printed\n");
		  } else {
		      printf("\nError getting compartment entry\n");


       These  functions	 are  a	 part of the library, which can be linked with
       your executable with the option.

       compartments(4), compartments(5).


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