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CRASHINFO(8)		  BSD System Manager's Manual		  CRASHINFO(8)

     crashinfo — analyze a core dump of the operating system

     crashinfo [-d crashdir] [-n dumpnr] [-k kernel] [core]

     The crashinfo utility analyzes a core dump saved by savecore(8).  It gen‐
     erates a text file containing the analysis in the same directory as the
     core dump.	 For a given core dump file named vmcore.XX the generated text
     file will be named core.txt.XX.

     By default, crashinfo analyzes the most recent core dump in the core dump
     directory.	 A specific core dump may be specified via either the core or
     dumpnr arguments.	Once crashinfo has located a core dump, it analyzes
     the core dump to determine the exact version of the kernel that generated
     the core.	It then looks for a matching kernel file under each of the
     subdirectories in /boot.  The location of the kernel file can also be
     explicitly provided via the kernel argument.

     Once crashinfo has located a core dump and kernel, it uses several utili‐
     ties to analyze the core including dmesg(8), fstat(1), iostat(8),
     ipcs(1), kgdb(1), netstat(1), nfsstat(1), ps(1), pstat(8), and vmstat(8).

     The options are as follows:

     -d crashdir
	     Specify an alternate core dump directory.	The default crash dump
	     directory is /var/crash.

     -n dumpnr
	     Use the core dump saved in vmcore.dumpnr instead of the latest
	     core in the core dump directory.

     -k kernel
	     Specify an explicit kernel file.

     savecore(8), textdump(4)

     The crashinfo utility appeared in FreeBSD 6.4.

BSD				 June 28, 2008				   BSD

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