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CRON(8)								       CRON(8)

       cron - clock daemon

       auth/cron [ -c ]

       Cron  executes  commands	 at  specified	dates  and  times according to
       instructions in the files /cron/user/cron.  It runs only on an  authen‐
       tication	 server.   Option  -c  causes  cron  to	 create /cron/user and
       /cron/user/cron for the current user; it can be run  from  any  Plan  9

       Blank  lines  and  lines	 beginning  with # in these files are ignored.
       Entries are lines with fields

	      minute hour day month weekday host command

       Command is a string, which may contain spaces, that  is	passed	to  an
       rc(1) running on host for execution.  The first five fields are integer
       patterns for

	      minute	     0-59

	      hour	     0-23

	      day of month   1-31

	      month of year  1-12

	      day of week    0-6; 0=Sunday

       The syntax for these patterns is

	      time  : '*'
		    | range
	      range : number
		    | number '-' number
		    | range ',' range

       Each number must be in the appropriate range.  Hyphens  specify	inclu‐
       sive ranges of valid times; commas specify lists of valid time ranges.

       To  run	the  job,  cron calls host and authenticates remote execution,
       equivalent to running rx host command (see con(1)).  The user's profile
       is run with $service set to rx.	If host is set to local, cron will run
       the command as user on the local machine without using rx.

       Cron is not a reliable service.	It skips commands if it	 cannot	 reach
       host  within  two  minutes, or if the cron daemon is not running at the
       appropriate time.

       Here is the job that mails system news.

	      % cat /cron/upas/cron
	      # send system news
	      15 8-17,21 * * *	  helix	    /mail/lib/mailnews

	      lock file to prevent multiple crons running


       con(1), rc(1)

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